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One Month Old!

This coming weekend marks the completion of the first month of ‘There’s My Two Cents’. As such, I wanted to take a moment to reflect a bit. My initial intention with this blog was to only post one message a

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Fun and Frivolity: Now That’s Justice!

In addition to restoring a little bit of faith in the American justice system, this one made me chuckle. An article in the Washington Post describes how an administrative law judge in Washington, D.C. sued a neighborhood dry cleaners business

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Winners and Losers

So, now that the smoke is clearing from the shamnesty debate, who were the winners and losers? This is all my opinion, of course, so take it with a grain of salt. But, if I had to specify winners, I’d

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The Votes

The following are the Senators who really sparkled on the shamnesty bill, leading the charge to stand up for Americans and the enforcement of the law:Jim DeMint (R – SC)Jeff Sessions (R – AL)John Cornyn (R – TX)James Inhofe (R

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The Aftermath of Shamnesty

The final result was 46-53, only a single vote better than the one a few weeks ago. My understanding is that this amnesty bill is now dead for at least a couple years since most presidential candidates don’t want to

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The Shamnesty Bill (Part 2) Dies Again!!!

The voice of the American people has won the day! The Senate just finished voting on cloture for the shamnesty bill, and there were 53 NO votes. More analysis later.

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Flood of Opposition

Apparently, so many people have been calling in opposition to this shamnesty bill that the Senate’s telephone system has shut down. Great job, everyone! 🙂

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It’s About to Happen…

If you aren’t watching C-Span, you can keep track of moment-by-moment happenings at Michelle Malkin’s website.

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Today’s Action Summarized

Well, today was a very busy one for the shamnesty bill. The cloture vote on Tuesday passed by a count of 64-35, prompting 30 hours of debate on a few amendments personally selected by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. After

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Bond Amendment Is Killed

Senator Kit Bond’s amendment was just killed (56-41). Now there is literally no excuse for him to vote YES on cloture. According to what he’s previously said, he should now be counted in the group voting NO on cloture. We’ll

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