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It’s Never Enough Entitlement

For the liberal left, it’s never enough entitlement. Let’s look at the latest ‘success’: the minimum wage increase. First of all, this was a scam to begin with, since the main argument was to give poor people a higher ‘living

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Stacking the Supreme Court

The New York Times published an editorial last week revealing another plan by the Democrats to take back control of the Supreme Court. The basic scenario is that if the Supreme Court continues to lean right (originalist), they’ll attempt to

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Illegal Aliens and Legal Hypocrisy

You hopefully caught my previous blog on the city of Hazleton, PA, where a federal judge struck down some city ordinances that cracked down on illegal aliens and those who support them. The Christian Science Monitor adds some more background

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Consumer Confidence At 6-Year High

The AP reports today that consumer confidence is at its highest point since just before 9/11. You can kiss all this growth goodbye if the Democrats get their tax increases signed into law. There’s my two cents.

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More On Democrat Tax Increases

Republican Senator John Kyl of Arizona wrote an editorial on NRO Online about the tax increases you can expect from the new Democrat Congress. This isn’t anything new (see previous blog here), but this is a great simplification of the

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Speaking of Defeat…

Given my last post, this column in the Washington Post seems especially ironic in its timing. Democrat leaders in the House are planning to play politics with their next defense spending bill. Pelosi and Murtha are planning to include three

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More Converts To The Surge’s Success

Check out this editorial in the New York Times, of all places. Written by two lefties, it describes their surprise at the changes on the ground in a recent trip to Iraq from the last time they were there in

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Quick Hits: Abstinence, Freedom of Speech, Surging Success

Here are a few more quick hits for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy! Quick Hit #1: Abstinence. I disagree with just about everything that the Democrat leadership is doing nowadays, but this was a refreshing burst of good news. The

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The Fox Guarding The Chicken House

Wow, this one is a doozy! Michelle Malkin reports on this story from yesterday which reveals that the Superior Court of Orange County in California outsources its traffic ticket data entry — including drivers’ license numbers, car license numbers, birth

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The Health Care Expansion Begins

Robert Moffit and Greg D’Angelo have an excellent column on today about two health care bills being considered in the Senate right now. They begin the piece this way: “the Senate is eying two plans to provide health coverage

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