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Fixing The Wrong Problem In Education

Maryland apparently has a problem with students not being able to pass their final exams in order to graduate high school. So, guess what kind of a plan the State School Superintendent, Nancy S. Grasmick, introduces to fix their graduation

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Fun & Frivolity: Stupid Sailors And Muck Spreader Madness

Two fun stories to usher in the weekend. Stupid SailorsVietnamese poachers flying a Malaysian flag as a decoy while sailing in Malaysia’s northeastern waters gave the game away by mistakenly flying it upside down. Locals became suspicious and called in

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Legislative Action Watch

I’ve been hitting on a lot of legislative topics recently, and encouraging you to take action with your representatives on all of them. I know how tough it is to keep things straight, so I’ve put together a list of

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Uh-oh…Now The ‘Consensus’ Is Gone, Too!

The funny thing about the panic over the environment is that it isn’t so much a science as it is a religion. Al Gore called global warming the “most important moral, ethical, spiritual and political issue humankind has ever faced”

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How Is This A Good Thing?

CommonSenseAmerica reports on an impending issue that simply cannot be allowed: Mexican truckers coming freely into the U.S. The Bush Administration is urging a federal appeals court to allow as many as 100 Mexican trucking companies free access to U.S.

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Housing Bail-out, Clinton Style

It’s simple, really: just throw taxpayer money at the problem. Seriously, this is ridiculous! Michelle Malkin has the details, so go check it out on her page. The bigger problem here is, again, the fact that Clinton’s plan (and anyone

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Iran, Iraq, Israel, and America

Although it’s not exactly breaking news, more and more information is coming out about just how involved Iran is in the fighting in Iraq. Kimberly Kagan in The Weekly Standard writes: Iran, and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, have been actively

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Massive Waste In Louisiana

Lawrence Kudlow writes a very illuminating article on about the massive waste involved in the Hurricane Katrina cleanup. It’s worth reading the whole thing, but here’s the short version. In the past two years, $127 billion have been spent

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WMDs From Iraq Found In New York

Right Truth posts a link to the story on revealing that some of the fabled missing WMDs from Iraq have been found…inside UN offices in New York! Also listed are a series of comments from big blogs on both

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Good News From The Iraq War

The good news from Iraq just keeps coming: Key Enemy In Iraq Calls Temporary Halt To Military Operations.The radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr said Wednesday that he was suspending for six months his Mahdi Army militia’s operations, including attacks on

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