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Conservative UMC’ers Gear Up

It seems there’s an internal battle brewing in the United Methodist Church in anticipation of the April 2008 UMC General Conference. Every four years, the GC meets to approve policies, priorities, and guidelines for millions of Methodists worldwide, and many

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More On Thought Crimes

Debbie at RightTruth posts a story about a new piece of legislation dealing with thought crimes. The short version is that the liberal Left is trying to control what you think about certain groups of people. I’ve blogged about this

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Hillary’s Funny Money

Michelle Malkin reports on the official investigation that has been requested regarding Hillary Clintong’s* funny campaign money. The FEC (Federal Election Commission) has 15 days to respond to the request, so we’ll see what happens soon enough. Is another blog

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Prayers Banned At Flag-Folding

OneNewsNow reports about the latest infringement upon the Christian fabric of American society: During thousands of military burials, the volunteers have folded the American flag 13 times and recited the significance of every fold to survivors. For example, the 12th

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Utah And School Vouchers

I’ve never once wished to live in Utah, but I have to admit a twinge of jealousy right now. John Stossel reports on Referendum 1 on next Tuesday’s Utah ballot, which would grant public school children eligibility for vouchers between

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A Very Revealing Debate

There were some absolute gems in the Democrat presidential debate last night. Apparently, it was Hillary versus everyone else, as the lesser candidates ganged up on the front-runner. Hillary, of course, continued her course of avoiding any and every direct

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Who’s Crazier?

Democrat presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich made a couple of statements in the past few days that just have to be placed back to back: Statement 1: In regard to President Bush’s warning that Iran going nuclear could lead to WWIII,

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Economy Growing

Just a quick FYI…the U.S. economy grew at 3.9% over the summer, the biggest growth period in almost two years. I only mention it because the economy is generally a big deal in an election year. One side (just take

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Political ‘Solutions’

Thomas Sowell writes an absolutely outstanding column at explaining clearly the problem with a lot of the political problems we face today: they are the result of previous political ‘solutions’. Read below. It is remarkable how many political “solutions”

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Giuliani Predicts Dems Will Change Minds Again

Rudy Giuliani predicted that Hillary Clintong* and John Edwards will change their tune (again) on the Iraq war. Excerpt: “Do I think the mission overall in Iraq is the correct one, I think without a doubt it is,” the former

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