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Friday Quick Hits

Here are today’s quick hits: Quick Hit #1: Illegal immigrants a serious drag.The Washington Times reports on a new study showing some disturbing trends: 32% of uninsured residents in America are illegal aliens, 24% of those in or near poverty

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If You Want To Pay More Taxes, You Can

For anyone who thinks we need to be paying more taxes, Jack Kemp has found just the way to do that. In response to Bill Clinton’s whining about how the rich don’t pay enough taxes to support our troops in

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Told You So!

Well, it’s not often that one gets instant verification of a political prediction, but it happened today! Earlier this morning I posted about how global warming has ’caused’ almost everything that happens on the face of the planet, and suggested

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Clinton Pollster Dismisses Negative Poll

In response to the recent Zogby poll showing Hillary Clinton was trailing all five Republican presidential candidates, Clinton pollster Mark Penn said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program with Joe Scarborough on Tuesday morning: “That was Zogby’s first interactive, online poll

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Updates On Several Recent Posts

Some updates on recent stories I’ve posted about: Another plant has been uncovered at the CNN/YouTube debate, this one a former CAIR intern. The British teacher/mother in Sudan who was arrested for naming the class teddy bear ‘Mohammed’ was sentenced

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Global Warming Causes Everything (Literally)

I confess to a significant amount of glee in reporting this, the mother of all global warming debunkers! Christopher Alleva posts on American Thinker about Dr. John Brignell, a British engineering professor who runs a website called numberwatch. One of

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The Brainwashing Is Early And Thorough

I had a great conversation earlier this week about why the spread of Islam is a very bad thing, and why America faces a critical decision on what to do about it. While we disagreed on a great many points,

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Missouri Got Shown

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt proposed further legislation to crack down on illegal aliens earlier this week. He said the state has safeguards to prevent illegal aliens from getting driver’s licenses, but there is no specific law against it. Along with

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Santa Held Hostage

The Mayor of Seattle, WA made a statement that if the children of the city don’t use energy-efficient light bulbs, Santa and his reindeer will drown from the polar ice caps melting. I kid you not – go read it

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The Religion Of Perpetual Outrage Strikes Again

The U.K. Daily Mail reports on a British teacher in Sudan, Gillian Gibbons, who was arrested for naming her class (of 7-year-olds) teddy bear ‘Mohammed’, after one of the students. She faces three charges: insulting Islam, inciting religious hatred and

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