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Fun & Frivolity: Pigs And A Drunk

A couple of light-hearted stories to pass along to send you off on your weekend… First, in an effort to save England's pork industry, a couple dozen pig farmers gathered in London to record a song that they hope will

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Quote: Decency In Civilized Cultures

“The natural instinct of civilized human beings is to protect those who are more vulnerable in the face of danger. Civilized cultures have placed women on a pedestal not because they are less capable but because we honor them and

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Environmentalist Craziness On Parade

Here are two stories that reveal the craziness of environmentalist wackos. Marc Sheppard reports on the latest from the fringe greenies in Australia: not even a wholesale switch to hybrid cars and 'green' light bulbs will be enough to save

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Legislative Update

Two quick updates on legislation.  First, the good news.The additional stimulus package that the Democrats in the Senate wanted has been killed by Republicans.  The reality of this new stimulus was that it would fund the rabid racist, open borders,

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Election Quickie

Just a couple fast bits of news…First, the polls say that Obama has opened up a small lead in Texas, and is very close to Clinton in Ohio.  The two states figure to be Hillary's last stand, and conventional wisdom

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Snippets: 9/11 Memorial, Dems’ True Colors, UMC/Israel, And Universal Health Care

I wanted to take a little bit deeper look than a Link Roundup at a couple of things without doing a full blog about each, so I'm going to do some quick snippets here. 9/11 MemorialI have been extremely remiss

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Follow Up To Federal Vs. State Discussion

Some time ago I blogged about the different roles of federal and state government.  If you haven't read it, please do so now.  It is central to understanding what I'm about to discuss. […quietly humming the Jeopardy theme song while

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Election Update

Not as much going on this time around.  The main thing is an exchange between McCain and Obama regarding Iraq.  I'm not going to bother sourcing this time since these quotes are all over the place; I'll just quickly sum

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Paranoia And Selective Amnesia In Democrat Foreign Policy

James Lewis writes a very illuminating piece about the rampant paranoia and selective amnesia in many Democrat leaders when it comes to foreign policy. On top of the general and consistent attempts at securing a defeat for America in our

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Link Roundup

Here's the latest Thursday Link Roundup…On the home front: Farms may be exempted from new emission rules. Pro-life amendment passes Senate, signals change? Mercury found in 'green' light bulbs. What to do when 'green' bulbs break. Study of economic competitiveness

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