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Due to a family emergency, I will probably not be blogging much in the next day or so…

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Fixing Racism

James Lewis did an outstanding column last week called 'Whites Can't Make Blacks Happy' about the racism that has been injected into this year's presidential contest.  He raises some excellent points, so take a look: One of the creepy things

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Link Roundup

Hello – I hope you all had a great weekend!  Here's a busy link roundup to get your new week started. On the home front: Meet a crazy entitlement nut who strikes a woman opposed to housing bailout. Winter soldiers

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Fun & Frivolity: Can We Say…Oops?

Two more appropriate situations for using the word 'oops' have never been seen… DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary's famed acumen and self-confidence briefly deserted him when he failed to back his own horse Hear The Echo to win

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Aid To Katrina

Oh, this is beautiful!The National Post has a story about who helped the victims the most in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  It's no surprise that it wasn't the government, but liberals everywhere will be greatly dismayed to know that

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The 100-Year Lie

I'm sure you've probably heard it:“John McCain wants to fight the war in Iraq for 100 years!” Quite predictably, that line from a bunch of Democrats is a deliberate twisting of McCain's actual statement.  Charles Krauthammer destroys the Lefties who

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

George Will writes a very revealing column at that I think is important to share (given my constant chanting about the differences between liberalism and conservatism).  Though liberals are almost always the loudest advocates of the 'poor', their actions

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Homeschooling Battle Continues

Newt Gingrich writes about the recent decision that homeschooling children in California is illegal.  He suggests that this is another example of liberal special interest groups “using the courts to get what they can't get through the ballot box”.  This

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Link Roundup

Today's link roundup has a ton of good stuff in it.  Check it out! On the home front: Community rallies around fired librarian. A rare voice of sanity (for once), McCain warns against bailout. Dealing with economic crises: Obama favors

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Think It’s Not Hurting?

If you think that all this internal slashing and burning between Clinton and Obama isn’t hurting, just take a look at the poll numbers. Rasmussen, in particular, shows that McCain is 10 points ahead of both Democrats nationally now. Another

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