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Countdown to May Day, 2008

Tomorrow is May Day.  Once again, the open borders lobby is organizing protests across the nation to show just how much support there is for granting amnesty and all kinds of taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens.  I'd like to take

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Big War Update

Here is a rather large war update for you.  Some of these articles may be a bit old (I've been gathering links for over a week), but the info is still worth passing along. Michelle Malkin helpfully created a chart

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Steyn On Global Warming

Mark Steyn writes a great piece at NRO about Time magazine's war on global warming (with the infamous Iwo Jima mockery).  Go read the whole thing, but here are some excerpts: For the last ten years, we have, in fact,

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Some Short Comments

Here are a number of stories that need just a little bit of comment. Why bother with the ‘A’?The San Diego chapter of the ACLU has signed an agreement with the Mexican government to ‘protect human rights’ of ‘migrants’ crossing

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Mis-remembrances And Trouble For Obama

Two more damaging lies…I mean, mis-remembrances from Barack Obama.  First, Thomas Lifson on finances: Barack Obama is trying to have it both ways again.  On the campaign trail he decries  “predatory” subprime lending, and declares, “Part of the reason we

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Environmental Details

Just a couple small details to pass along in the crusade against Lefty environmentalism. First, NASA has spent about $30 million a year on a system of robot buoys that are supposed to measure ocean temperatures.  Guess what they are

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Quotes On Character

If you are wondering why there is so much uproar about Barack Obama's associations with terrorists and racist hate-mongers, it's because his willingness to associate with people like that speak directly to his character.  How important is character?  Take a

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New Feed

For all of you who are savvy consumers of blogs and news, I’d like to ask for your help. I’m experimenting with a new feed (on the right side of my blog), but I’ve never worked with feeds before. If

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Link Roundup

Since I missed last night’s link roundup, this one is super-sized. Dive in! Here at home: The lust in Carter’s heart. Newt’s sell-out and why he’s wrong (whew, it’s not just me!). Aside from the moral issues, homosexuality is far

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You Can’t Insult Me…!

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has started to speak out against those who have questioned both his relationship to Barack Obama and his remarks from the pulpit.  One particular exchange is mentioned by Rick Moran in an article titled, “Wright equates

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