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More Sowellisms

From NRO comes another handful of sage wisdom and observation from Thomas Sowell. Some of my favorites: Even if you think our presidential choices this election year are between disgust and disaster, anyone who has ever been through a real

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Obama’s Latest Gaffe (Yes, He Keeps ‘Em Coming)

From Newsbusters: Seeing dead people in the audience wasn’t Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama’s only gaffe on Monday, for it has now been revealed that he also spoke about an uncle “who was part of the first American troops to

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Democrat Policies You Need To Know About

So, if Barack Obama wins the White House in November, what will he do? What issues will he pursue? Will he do anything that will really affect you? Take a look at some of these policies: Energy The “energy plan”

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War Issues

Here are a couple stories that you need to know about regarding war in the Middle East. IAEA: Iran’s nuke program causes ‘serious concerns’ Iran’s alleged research into nuclear warheads remains a matter of serious concern and Tehran should provide

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Link Roundup

Here is today’s link roundup… On the home front: The U.S. can’t pass English 101. Virginia court upholds partial birth abortion. Why does Jimmy Carter hate America? Oprah’s taking a ratings hit. Crypto-Marxism making a comeback. Being a ‘bad’ American…and

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It’s Their Own Damn Fault!

Victor Davis Hanson writes a great — if obvious, to those of us outside Washington — piece about how the problems with the Republican party right now are the fault of no one but Republicans: There is a lot of

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Obama The Gaffe Master

Barack Obama has made so many gaffes on the campaign trail that it’s sort of become a habit for him. Take a look at the ever-lengthening list, from various sources: Arabic languages and correct help Sporting a shiny new American

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Memorial Day 2008

Let us take a moment on this Memorial Day to stop the hustle and bustle of our overly busy lives and reflect on the safety, prosperity, and freedom that we enjoy. As Americans in 2008, we live in such ease

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Permanent Links – Core Principles

I’ve added a new section to my blog right below the picture of two pennies: Permanent Links – Core Principles. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in individual legislative bills or small-scope issues, so in the interest of keeping

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Fun & Frivolity: It’s A Mac Thing…

For those of you who know me, you know my fondness for mocking Mac computers. One of the funny things about Mac users is that they are almost fanatical in their love for the apples, even if it doesn’t make

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