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The First Step In Actually Fixing Something

Good news – one of the things I’ve been chanting about as part of the fix has apparently been implemented, according to Powerline: As the economic crisis has deepened over the last several weeks, a number of knowledgeable people have

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Link Roundup

Here is today’s loaded link roundup. Tons of good stuff – enough to keep you busy for days! Here at home: Major illegal immigration sweep. Environmentalists say we need to ration milk and meat, or the world will die. More

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It’s Official: They Planned The Bailout To Fail

Remember how I posted earlier today that the Democrats’ actions on the bailout seemed suspicious? That has now been confirmed by Jake Tapper at ABC (emphasis mine): Yes, House Republicans didn’t deliver many votes and 66% of them voted against

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The Obamessiah’s Tax ‘Cut’ Explained

Finally, someone has explained the details of the Obamessiah's promise to cut taxes on 95% of Americans!  Check it out (emphasis mine): During his Fox News interview with Bill O'Reilly, Sen. Barack Obama responded to one question where the statistics

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The Obamessiah’s Fraudulent Donors

Newsmax has an extremely troubling story that truly needs some follow-up investigation (emphasis mine): More than half of the whopping $426.9 million Barack Obama has raised has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won't disclose. And questions

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More Bailout Follow Up

Now that we've all slept on the House rejection of the bailout plan for a night, things seem to be coming a bit more into focus.  The first thing to note is that the sun did indeed rise, and life

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A Little Perspective On The Crisis

This mess is bad, no doubt about it. But, don’t give in to the panic-inducing hysteria quite yet. Here’s some perspective: Today’s stock market drop is a record point drop, but does not even crack the top 10 single-day percentage

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The Obamessiah’s Silencing Ways

Barack the Obamessiah apparently feels that freedom of speech is optional when it comes to people who disagree with him.  I've mentioned this before, but it's getting worse.  Take a look at some more examples. Back in August, Michelle Malkin

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Bailout Aftermath

Just a couple quick points: “From the minute John McCain suspended his campaign and arrived in Washington to address this crisis, he was attacked by the Democratic leadership: Senators Obama and Reid, Speaker Pelosi and others. Their partisan attacks were

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Bailout Vote Record

Here's the record of the vote: Ayes Noes PRES NV Democratic 140 95     Republican 65 133   1 Independent         TOTALS 205 228   1 I'll pass along more analysis as it comes out, but

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