The Mother Of All Election Posts

Well, here we are.  After a very, very long election cycle spanning almost two full years, we finally come to the day before the election.  At this point, most of you have probably already made up your minds as to who you're going to vote for, but some of you might still be trying to decide.  I'm going to lay out the most persuasive case I can for why you should vote McCain-Palin tomorrow.  I am including links to every assertion I make below, so if you think I'm bluffing, making it up, or exaggerating, I invite you to dig into the links to find out for yourself.  I'm not interested in spin here, I'm interested in the truth.

In my opinion, a good leader should be judged by two things: character and policy.  No politician is any better than his word.  Who would you rather get, someone who speaks brilliantly and promises you the world, even though you know he's lying, or a man who speaks poorly and will carry through on the promises he makes?

Personally, I would rather have a man of substance that could use a bit of external polish.  Give me an honest man of integrity any day, he'll represent me well, and at least shoot straight when we disagree.  Integrity is the key, and we can usually judge a man's integrity by looking at what he's done and who he's associated with throughout his life.  As such, let's look at Barack Obama's associations:
– Rev. Jeremiah Wright, racist pastor of 20 years, known for sayings like 'God damn America!' and accusing the U.S. government of creating AIDS to eradicate blacks
– Rev. Michael Pfleger, racist pastor and one who kept Obama's moral compass straight for years, accused Hillary of being a racist
– Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist who bombed numerous government buildings and killed at least one person, was released on a technicality (just think Timothy McVeigh without the execution)
– Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian terrorist sympathizer who opposes all things Israel and advocates violence against Israelis
– George Soros, a Greek billionaire who funds many organizations designed to spread socialism and remove America (and capitalism) from a place of prominence in the world
– Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's childhood mentor and a member of the Communist Party USA
– Saul Alinsky (who is dead, but Obama follows his teachings to a tee), who wrote a handbook on how to 'community organize' in such a way that the populace could overthrow a government; he dedicated his book to the first revolutionary, Lucifer
– Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who sold Obama his current house well below market value
– Mike Klonsky, a communist hardliner whose current goal is to introduce Marxist thought into the educational system
– Louis Farrakhan, the radical anti-Semite preacher who has already called Obama the 'messiah'

The list could go on and on.  The point is that, if a man can be judged by the company he keeps, Barack Obama is a man who hates America as it is and seeks its downfall, or at least to fundamentally change it.  If nothing else, it is necessary to ask why he has maintained so many problematic relationships for so many years.  These relationships are a HUGE signal of character deficiencies.

But what about his policies?  At times, we may find ourselves supporting a candidate because we agree with his policies despite not liking their character and associations.  Fair enough, let's look at his policies.
– he is radically pro-abortion, even to the point of protecting infanticide (here, here, here)
– he would drastically limit the 2nd Amendment's right to own weapons
– he is a hardcore socialist who wants to 'spread your wealth around'
– he is promising higher taxes (here, here, here, here, here)
– the one tax 'cut' he promises is not a cut but a welfare check from the wealthy to those who don't pay any taxes at all
– he could nationalize your 401k plan and roll it into Social Security
– he would grant instant amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens, including giving them benefits like driver's licenses, Social Security and free health care
– he would pull out of Iraq, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
– he would gut the U.S. military with a 25% decrease in spending, crippling research and development of both legacy and advanced new systems
– he would seek to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, which would silence the dissent coming from talk radio, the single communication medium that is not controlled by the liberal media
– he would prevent additional energy production, including oil drilling, coal production, and nuclear production, deliberately causing what he called 'skyrocketing' prices to change Americans' behavior
– he would implement universal/socialized health care, which has been proven to be a disastrous failure literally everywhere else in the world it has been tried
– he would implement universal pre-school and daycare, as well as sex ed for kindergarteners
– he would implement a new bill of rights that would enshrine a 'right' to have a high-paying jobs, own a home, provide an education, medicare, and more
– he would pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges who would interpret the law based on what they felt to be correct based on the mood in the country rather than on what the Founding Fathers intended the law to say (he would also pack the lower courts with similar judges)

He calls the act of paying taxes 'patriotic', and calls those who would prefer to pay lower taxes 'selfish'.  His policies are a combination of Jimmy Carter's economics (which threw America into a tailspin in the late 1970s), those implemented by FDR in the 1930s (which threw America into the Great Depression), and those of pure Marxism or socialism, taking from the wealthy and redistributing it to the poor as the government sees fit purely on the basis of 'fairness'.  If history is any indication, they would bring economic ruin to America through the stifling of business growth, oppressive new taxation and regulation, energy scarcity and reduced production, and a critically weakened military.

In addition, Barack Obama is the most liberal member of the Senate, and has shown zero capacity to work in a bipartisan fashion on any difficult issues (the only examples of bipartisanship he can cite are bills that were so uncontroversial that they required only a voice vote and passed by unanimous consent).  Furthermore, he is a hypocrite on his own socialist economic policies, with multiple family members living in poverty and refusing to lend a hand to them from his own considerable wealth.

On top of that, he would likely handle criticism and dissent in one of two ways: cry racism, or silence it.  He has operated his candidacy on those two principles for the past two years, so there is no reason to think he would not continue (here, here, and here).  Other things that are critical to understand for undecided voters is that Barack Obama has no executive experience and almost no accomplishment, legislatively or otherwise.

The biggest issue this election is the economy, which is largely determined by the candidates' tax policies.  While McCain wants to make Bush's tax cuts permanent and cut or eliminate other taxes to spur business growth, Obama says he'll only raise taxes on the 'rich'.  The links above debunk that statement, but even if he does, who are those 'rich' that he wants to hose?  Over the past few weeks, he has now redefined 'rich' from someone making $250,000 or more down to just $50,000-70,000, and he has in the past voted for tax increases on people earning just $42,000.  Not only can you not trust him with his sliding scale of 'rich', but you are a fool if you think you will avoid his widespread and comprehensive tax increases.  If nothing else, his plan includes allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, so that alone will raise taxes on everyone in the country!

On the topic of character, Barack Obama has joined hands with ACORN, a 'community organizing' group that is under federal investigation for election fraud in over a dozen states.  His links with ACORN run deep, and there is no doubt that they are trying to steal this election for him (here, here, here).  In addition, Obama is engaging in systemic election law violations with his website, which has deliberately disabled all verifications that help prevent fraudulent donations (here, here).  It has been proven that he's accepted foreign and other illegal donations.

McCain is not perfect.  He was not my first choice for President from the Republican side.  But, this election is more about Obama than McCain.  Obama is the historic choice, and he is the one who has captivated the world.  As such, this election is more a referendum on Obama than anything else.  As you can see from all the links and information above, Barack Obama will be an absolute disaster for this nation, not only from a character perspective, but also due to his policies and proposals.

This election will come down to a battle of the classes.  The wealthy and elites in the media, academia, and Hollywood have thrown their support in with Obama, and have shown themselves willing to do anything to make him win.  On the other hand, middle America, the normal, every day, working class Americans who actually make this country run and succeed recognize that Obama will condemn this country to crisis after crisis, both foreign and domestic.  Those on the Left in this country are working hard to get every liberal, every cartoon character, every felon, every illegal alien, every dead person, and every repeat voter to the polls tomorrow.  The only thing that will defeat them is if every normal, hard working, legal American voter gets to the polls and votes against Barack Obama.  You have the information you need, so get out there and vote.

There's my two cents.


I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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