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Fun & Frivolity: Husband’s Revenge

I almost wet myself when I watched this: See more funny videos and Funny Videos at Today’s Big Thing. Have a great weekend!

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Obama’s Blowout Budget

I’m putting together a huge post on Obama’s budget, its details, and its estimated effects on the economy. I might get it done this weekend; if not, it’ll be early next week. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, the

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Link Roundup

Here's another absolutely packed set of links.In the USof[Socialist-in-the-making]A: The era of big government is back. The first steps in regulating the Internet…? Many states assert their sovereignty against federal takeovers. Mortgage sob stories (here, here). Fox host rips ACORN

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Hope And…What Now?

Barack Obama has officially announced the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.  His Kool-Aid drenched minions will probably herald this as ultimate victory over the eeeeeevil Bush war, but they're a bunch of clueless mind-numbed dolts.  David Freddoso reveals how this

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No One Earning Less Than $250,000 Ever Drives

At least, that must be the case if we're to believe the Obamessiah's promise not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 by 'one dime'.  Here's the problem… Raise federal gasoline taxes to help pay for road projects?

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New Israel Policy?

Victor Davis Hanson connects some dots and questions whether we're seeing a radically new policy toward Israel: The rumored appointment of veteran diplomat Charles Freeman, Jr. to head the National Intelligence Council, the announcement that the U.S. taxpayer will give

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From the office of John Boehner: Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today condemned a provision tucked into Congressional Democrats’ $410 billion “omnibus” spending bill that would phase out the District of Columbia’s groundbreaking school choice program, which has provided educational

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Obama: The Depression President

More staggering economic visuals from Gateway Pundit: Is Obama the “Depression President?” The markets continue to predict the outcome of Barack Obama's failed economic policies of massive spending and record deficits. Things don't look so good right about now.Team Obama

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Biden: Wrong On Jobs

Earlier this week, VP Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden mocked Bobby Jindal’s speech by saying Louisiana was losing 400 jobs a month. Of course, there’s just one teeeeeny tiny little problem: he’s wrong. Watch the whole thing: Well, hey, Biden can’t

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PAYGO Flippage

The Wall Street Journal wrote this about the Democrats’ Pay As You Go (aka PAYGo) style of government back in December of 2007: “Democrats are committed to ending years of irresponsible budget policies that have produced historic deficits. Instead of

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