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Another Tax Dodger In The Most Transparent Administration EVAH

I think this has gone beyond ridiculous, and into the realm of serious pre-requisite for a Cabinet post: Remember, [Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas] was the “safe” choice for HHS after Daschle got dinged for — that’s right — not

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More Poll Spinning

This is a topic that we covered several times last fall before the election, but Ace of Spades reveals another sparkling job of poll spinning.  Here's how the media can take bad news for the Obamessiah and whip it up

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Light Bulbs Not Such A Bright Idea

Remember the ban on incandescent light bulbs?  Yeah, you know, those light bulbs that cost about $0.23 each, last for months, and can be thrown into the trash when they burn out?  The Democrats set in motion a process to

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Earth Hour Wrap-Up

Did you celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday?  Did you celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead?  I was planning on celebrating HAH, but we didn't get home in time – we were actually out driving our full-sized SUV through a driving sleet/snow

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Dems: We Know It’s Wrong But We’re Doing It Anyway

*sigh* TPM's Brian Beutler reports that Senate Budget Commitee Chairman Kent Conrad reaffirmed his opposition to including health-care legislation in budget reconciliation, a move that would eliminate the ability to filibuster the bill. Yesterday, Conrad told reporters: I've been as

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GM Illustrates One Way Street

Politico reports: Under ousted chief executive Rick Wagoner, General Motors and its political action committee gave twice as much to Republicans as they did to Democrats. From 2000, when Wagoner took over the Detroit-based auto-maker, through the end of last

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The Tyrant’s Plan To Take Over Is Rolling Out

Remember back when I said this: Remember the repeated predictions (most recently here) of the government controlling private industries who accept bailout money?  You may be thinking that won't necessarily affect you or your job, or that it's just a

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More Hannan

This is great, and worth watching: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy I love this guy! There’s my two cents.

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Obama Takes Over GM

We all know GM has received bailout money.  Some of us — ahem, ahem — warned that bailing out private companies with public money was bad news all around, but that didn't seem to matter.  Now, those chickens are coming

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NY Times Spiked Story Linking Obama And ACORN

This suggestion is no big shock to anyone who was paying attention before the election, but it appears that the suggestion has now become proof: The radical ACORN organization worked closely with the Obama campaign during the election this past

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