More Tax Issues

I surely hope you’ve seen by now the repeated Obama Cabinet nominees who have had problems with paying their own taxes. The worst offense, of course, is Timothy Geithner, who failed to pay his own taxes for several years, took reimbursements of the taxes he failed to pay, and then became the Treasury Secretary, who is in charge of the IRS.

Anyway, a friend sent me several great cartoons about the subject. Here are my favorites:

While we’re on the subject, I now give you this (h/t The Jawa Report):

White House general counsel Gregory Craig has seized control of Obama’s vetting process after a series of nominees with unpaid taxes. But his wife’s business may also have avoided taxes. Who vets the vetter?

Derry Noyes, Craig’s wife, runs Noyes Graphics, a design business, out of the couple’s home in northwest Washington.

A spokesman at the Washington D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs told Gawker that no one has ever sought any kind of permit or registration for a business under the name of Noyes Graphics or at the Craigs’ home address. By not registering Craig may have avoided local business taxes.

An unregistered home business may seem like a “gotcha” scandal. And were some new appointee to come along with this kind of problem, the public might shrug it off, even with the past tax scandals of Obama nominees. But Craig was charged with putting an end to those problems.

What is it with Democrats and failure to pay taxes? Are there any honest ones in Washington anymore? How long will America put up with this clearly established pattern of behavior?

Hopefully not more than two years.

There’s my two cents.


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