Fun & Frivolity: Singing, Saving, and Singing Some More

I saw this video earlier this week, and thought it was pretty cool. This is from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, a knock-off of the popular American talent show:

In the words of the great Jedi Master Yoda: “Judge me by my size, do you? Hm. And well you should not.” Appearances can be — and often are — deceiving. Kudos to Ms. Boyle, who has now become literally an Internet sensation for this performance.

Speaking of Star Wars, here’s a fun gift idea for the geek in your world who needs to save the stolen plans to the Death Star III and make a quick escape: character USB flash drives! Some of the designs include C-3PO, Princess Leia (no, not the gold bikini…the geeks aren’t that lucky), and Darth Sidious.

Hurry…stock is dwindling fast!

Finally, we have some more singing. Improv Everywhere is a comedy group that springs improvisational scenes onto an unsuspecting public. Watch and enjoy:

There’s been so much going on this week that I’ve got a bunch of posts saved up, so I’ve decided to have a rare weekend post-fest.



I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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