Obamacare Mobbery Update

To start this week, we must continue to examine the Obamacare issue. It’s gotten surreal.

So-called ‘mobs’ are continuing to heckle (translation: demand answers) Congresspersons about their attempts to strong-arm socialized medicine onto America, and those Congresspersons have attempted a wide variety of responses, essentially all of them poor. I have to say that this has become an absolute parody of what real life should be. The stuff that’s going on now reads like a Tom Clancy novel in which a corrupt government cabal ruthlessly goes to any lengths to cover its own thuggery. I’m not exaggerating, either.

This is what has been going on:
– opponents of Obamacare are getting pushed and locked out of town hall meetings
– town hall meetings are being sponsored by unions and given ‘protection’ by those union thugs
– union thugs are beating opponents of Obamacare
– newspapers are revising their coverage to protect those union thugs
– the Obama administration is openly inviting union thugs to show up and continue beating and intimidating Obamacare opponents
– Dem Congressmen are having secret town hall meetings to avoid opponents
– one Dem Congressman screamed at a constituent for asking honest questions
– Dems are calling Obamacare opponents ‘un-American
– Dems are accusing Obamacare opponents of being fake because they are ‘too well-dressed’
– KC Dem Congressman Emanuel Cleaver lied to crowds, telling them there is no health care bill (hello?! HR3200?!)
– the union thugs who beat a black man and smash a camera into a woman’s face claim they’re the victims
old women are attacked because they are protesting Obamacare
– the White House is asking for Americans to notify them of Obamacare opponents, instituting an informal snitch brigade

Is this for real?? This issue is dividing the country along stark lines: those who worship the Obamessiah and want government control over everything, and those who do not. We warned about this long before the election, and now America’s chickens are indeed coming home to roost.

So, who is the ‘mob’? Are they indeed a bunch of nutball wackos who are causing a ruckus? This is your answer:

No, this ‘mob’ business is purely a rhetorical construct used by the White House to spread its own propaganda. Fortunately for us, now that we live in the age of the Internet and YouTube, it’s much easier to get the truth out:

And about that snitching policy? It’s likely illegal:

Not to mention highly reminiscent of Hitler’s secret police, of course. Gee, I can’t imagine why normal, freedom-loving American citizens of all political party persuasions are getting angry about this, can you?

Even more fuel was added to the fire last week with the news that Obamacare’s inordinately huge $1 trillion price tag was way, way low:

Here’s what you need to know: the Congressional Budget Office provides an estimated cost over 10 years. BUT, the healthcare bills are not fully implemented until the fourth year. As a result, the CBO estimate, which is already ridiculously high, actually underestimates the costs.

Below is a chart showing the costs of the legislation during the first ten years and also shows the cost over the first ten years of implementation, which is the more relevant number.

And what do we find? From the Senate Budget Committee:

When fully implemented, the House bill will cost $2.4 trillion over ten years, and the HELP bill will cost $2.2 trillion over 10 years.

That’s right, they were off by $1 trillion!

The American people oppose Obamacare for many reasons — the very idea of socialized medicine, the strong-arming of the Democrat Congress, the speed at which they’re trying to completely re-work 17% of the American economy, the lies and deceit, etc. — but the bottom line is that the only people who want this are statists who believe the federal government should control everything about everyone in America. The fact that the President, Vice President, and all members of Congress won’t be included in Obamacare (nor will union members) is all too telling that something indeed stinks here, and American citizens can smell the stench a mile away.

Michael Ramirez offers this poignant warning:

Still, the thug tactics will likely continue. It is more important than ever for the American people to get informed about this bill, and stand up for what’s right. Remember, Obama has all the votes he needs in both houses of Congress to pass this thing, no matter what Republicans do. This bill is all about Democrats; most will support it, but some will not. We need to put so much pressure on Democrats in office that they simply cannot support this abomination of a bill.

And don’t give up, either. Democrats are doing everything they can to avoid contact with constituents right now. They’ve even gone so far as to make up unsubstantiated excuses about death threats to get out of them. Claire McCaskill canceled a meeting because she felt it wasn’t ‘safe’. Someone needs to remind her that there were dozens (if not hundreds) of town hall meetings all across the country that were completely peaceful…until the first day after Obama invited his union thugs to come join the party! Not exactly a coincidence, there.

Obama is getting desperate, as three campaign-style e-mails in the last four days
clearly show:

Because these emails come with relative frequency, I didn’t fully appreciate the temporal proximity of those three emails — or what that meant — until Bob’s comment forced me to consider it. Now, though, it is clear as day: the Obama administration, and its network of paid community organizers and agitators, is growing incredibly desperate for two reasons.

First, Barack Obama and his allies are losing the organizing battle at every turn to ordinary Americans who aren’t even being directed or paid — just taking an active interest in their government’s actions!

Second, despite repeated calls to action (including a declaration by the President himself that the opportunity to shut down debate on an issue, and to out-organize ordinary American citizens, was “the moment our movement was built for”) — again, three in four days — the Great Community Organizer simply can’t get his supporters to turn out, or his astroturf in place.

One call for supporter action is ordinary (even if it is odd to have a President making that call, particularly when it is paired with an order to mobilize against another portion of the American citizenry). Two calls is a bit odd. Three in four days, though, is utter desperation.

Barack Obama and his astroturfing band of “community organizers” are losing this battle, and they are losing it despite employing every tool at their disposal, from “community organizing,” to mobilizing union thugs to physically harm dissidents, to attempting to silence political opponents by calling on Americans to turn in their fellow citizens to the government for political disagreement.

And here’s the disturbing conclusion:

…what does a President whose only experience is as a community organizer, manufacturing outrage and threatening opponents with physical violence (and acting in accordance with the Chicago Way, do when all legal means at his fingertips of enacting his agenda fail?

We’ve already seen the first response – union thugs intimidating and getting violent on dissenting American citizens. What is the next step?

I expect a whole new level of disinformation and pressure from the White House and Obama’s bootlickers in the media, doing anything they possibly can — including manufacturing ‘evidence’ of wrongdoing — to smear Obamacare opponents to garner support. We must be vigilant, peaceful, and forceful, making sure our elected representatives understand that we will not accept any form of government-controlled health care.

Our lives and our nation are at stake.

There’s my two cents.

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I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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