It’s Rough, You Know

For Barack Obama, that is:

The pressures of the job are getting to him.
President Obama was very worked up over the revised record debt, record deficit and record unemployment numbers released today.

It threw off his chipping game…

More… Cindy Sheehan released a statement today: “While Obama was golfing yesterday, 4 American Soldiers died in Afghanistan.”
She’s nuts but at least she’s consistent.

Eh, I dunno. I think Obama’s been pretty consistent, too. His primary concern is himself, not the American people.

There’s my two cents.


I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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