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The Debate Rages On

Now that the debate is hot and engaged, it’s interesting to see what’s going on. Not by any stretch of the imagination can these failures be blamed on the Republicans anymore. No, the truth is that there are enough Dems

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Ten For 10

This is what the GOP needs: Here’s the problem: Republicans are winning right now just because they are not Democrats. That won’t help us though, long term. At some point we are going to have to have ideas. People forget,

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Real Leadership From Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also spoke at the U.N. madness-fest last week. His was a powerful speech, and one that deserves to be watched. Here is the best line: Here’s the full speech: This is what leadership looks like.

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It’s No Wonder He Loves The Post Office…

…it's a model of what he wants to do to the entire country: Last week, Democrats on Capitol Hill pushed forward with a $4 billion bailout of the US Postal Service, which continues to lose money while business declines.  One reason

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A Tale Of Two Parties, National Security Edition

On the one hand… First, we have Republicans in the Senate offering an amendment to keep funds from the White House for the closing of Guantanamo Bay and the relocation of 148 of the worst terrorist detainees we’ve captured.  The

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One Thing That Should Be Rushed Through Congress

As you know, I'm not normally a big fan of rushing things through Congress and into law, but this is one exception I'm happy to see go flying through: Congress has quietly approved to fast track the deployment of the

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Liberalism Really Is A Mental Disorder

Yesterday I had passed along a series of stories that showed the serious illness that infests the liberal mindset. Today we see something that makes those examples look like frivolousness. By reading on, you’re going to see some sick stuff.

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The ObamaKennedyDeathCare Debate Begins In Earnest

The Senate is finally getting down to work on destroying the American health care system and economy. There’s good news and bad news. In the Senate, they began debating the vaporbill: I know that there are many people who are

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The American Trinity: Reprise

Along the lines of presenting what America should be, and where we should be going as a nation, I also wanted to re-post this outstanding video by Dennis Prager about what makes America unique and special in this world: This

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No explanation needed:

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