Here A Poll, There A Poll…

…and none of them are good news for the Obamessiah. So, they’re great news for America!

Rasmussen (h/t RedState):

Get used to the term ‘new low’.

Obama is at 46%.

In a short 7 [ed.] months, Obama and the Democrats have completely busted the gigantic piggy bank of public good will they began with. I won’t recite here their well-chronicled drunken spree of bullying, dishonest, underhanded, bait-and-switch tactics that have served to tank a fragile economy and betray the trust of Americans. Amusingly, while their support has been eroding steadily in previous months, they seem to have been caught unprepared for the huge outcry of public frustration during the August recess.

Now polls show unmistakably that Americans are rejecting the leadership of Obama and the Democrats. Percentages, according to Rasmussen today:

  • 46-53 : Obama’s approval rating, a new low.
  • 27-69 : Congress knows what it’s doing on the economy.
  • 25-54 : congressmen understand legislation before voting on it.
  • 22-47 : congressmen have a good understanding of the health care bill.
  • 57-25 : would like to replace the entire Congress.
  • 43-38 : would vote for a Republican for Congress over the Democrat.
  • 43-53 : support the overall Democrat health care plan.
  • 23-43 : strongly support Democrat health care plan, vs strongly oppose.
  • 65-26 : believe CIA waterboarding of terrorists elicited valuable intelligence.

The visuals:
Though Rasmussen is probably the most accurate, the downward trend is all over. Gallup is being very touchy about the idea that as Obama’s approval goes down, the stock market goes up. Clarus finds severe hemorrhaging among independents. Zogby Interactive — this is not the official Zogby poll, though, so it’s probably not as legit — shows Obama down to 42%. SurveyUSA finds eroding numbers in many states:

Listed below is the state, followed by Obama’s most recent job approval/disapproval number in the state, with Obama’s job approval/disapproval number in the state from July in parentheses.

Alabama: 40/58 (42/56)
California: 62/33 (66/30)
Iowa: 45/51 (56/40)
Kansas: 45/51 (41/53)
Kentucky: 36/61 (41/55)
Minnesota: 53/44 (51/46)
Missouri: 48/50 (55/42)
New Mexico: 52/46 (61/37)
New York: 58/38 (63/34)
Oregon: 54/39 (54/42)
Virginia: 42/54 (44/49)
Washington: 51/46 (56/41)
Wisconsin: 45/50 (50/45)

I saw an interview with Dick Morris last night, and he said essentially that if Obama kept pushing his radical Leftist agenda, it was possible that the GOP could not only win seats in 2010, but actually take control as the new majority…and they had a long shot to do the same in the Senate!

Poll numbers like this sure give predictions like his some credibility.

He also mentioned that polls show Americans even less in favor of Obamacare now than Americans were of Hillarycare in 1994. But, obviously, Bill Clinton was able to parlay that disaster into a two-term presidency that accomplished a great deal. The difference, of course, is that Bill Clinton realized that he had to work with the Republican majority on issues like balancing the budget and welfare reform in order to survive. Will Barack Obama make the same concession? I doubt it. Remember, he’s an ideologue, and that means his survival instinct takes the back seat to his radical agenda.

I think it comes down to this. If Obama backs off, lets Obamacare and cap-n-tradetax cool off, and focuses on other issues for a while, he will likely see a turnaround in the polls, and the building GOP momentum will be blunted. If, however, Obama forces Obamacare and cap-n-tradetax into law over the clear and strenuous objection of the huge majority of the American people, there will be electoral hell to pay. Aside from the obvious issue of huge majorities of Americans not wanting these policies, Americans are also not wired to accept being scammed, especially while the scammer is standing right in front of them smiling and explaining how the scam works, and taunting that there is nothing that can be done about it.

If you think there is anger out there right now over just the threat of Obamacare and cap-n-tradetax, just wait until those policies actually become law. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And then, just wait until those policies come home to roost, with the health care rationing and skyrocketing energy prices.

Obama and the current crop of Democrats may be sowing the seeds of massive, massive losses for years to come.

There’s my two cents.


I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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