Under Obama’s Outstanding Leadership, Unemployment Continues To Rise

The US unemployment rate reached a 26 year high in August at 9.7%. Gateway Pundit has some very helpful charts:

That’s weird. Just this week Joe Biden was saying the $787 billion Stimulus was working.
Guess not.

The Obama Disaster Continues–

So does Hot Air:

Recall the argument made by Obama and his economic advisers when they demanded a $787 billion slush fund to “stimulate” the economy? Recall this curve?

Now we’re here:

Ace of Spades provides some commentary:

To coin a phrase, let me be clear. I am not celebrating the unemployment rate. It sucks. It’s a bad thing. And it demonstrates how poorly the President has handled the “Great Recession”.

He talked it up. His allies in the media moaned about a Second Great Depression. He scared the crap out of plenty of folks, all so he could pass his spending bill. His spending bill filled with all the pork and waste and gross excess that the Democrats had pent up over the Bush 43 years.

So when I joke about “funemployment”, I’m not celebrating. I’m pointing out that the President is a GIANT FAILURE on this, as he is on so many other issues.

Geoff’s great chart demonstrates the same thing. Obama, Mr. Genius, Mr. Worshiped in His Own Head (warning don’t click that link if you want to keep your lunch) missed the mark.

And he didn’t just miss it by a little. He missed it by a whole heckuva lot. This is the man who wants to talk to your kids on Tuesday. This is the guy who can’t stop campaigning and actually sit his butt down in the Big Chair in the Round Room. This is a weak president.

Hope-n-change is killing the American economy. As predicted.
There’s my two cents.
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