It’s A Race Thing…For The Left

I’m certain you’ve seen the accusations by now that all criticism of and disagreement with Barack Obama must be simple racism. It is, of course, laughably insulting, and patently untrue, but that’s what the Left has come to. They can’t address the substance of any issues, so they attack the character of the ones disagreeing, and the most obvious card to play is the race card.

Not content with a single interview in which he accuses everyone who disagrees with Obama as being racist, he did another one:

Funny, there are just a couple problems here. I don’t recall him having any problem with Democrats calling Bush Hitler and such, we’ve discussed that death panels will, in fact, exist, and he also misquotes the sign in question:

I suppose that’s as close as he can be expected to get, given that he’s a doddering old fool who never had any credibility as President, much less a former President.

RNC Chair Michael Steele has the correct response to this ridiculous assertion:

But, the sad reality is that racial hate crimes do happen in Barack Obama’s America. For example, a white kid on a bus in St. Louis got beat up by a bunch of black kids, and the bus driver did nothing to stop them. It’s all on video. Then it happened again, to a different white kid. I’m certain that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama are just about ready to release a statement condemning these beatings, maybe head up some protest marches, and calling on blacks to stop their vicious racial hate crimes. Any day now. Just sure of it.

Like I said, this phony ‘racism’ is so ridiculous that even the AP is warning the Democrats to cool it a little bit (but only a little bit):

They see the train lights in the distance and they’re screaming for the left to get off the tracks.

[I]f everybody’s racist, is anyone?

The word is being sprayed in all directions, creating a hall of mirrors that is draining the scarlet R of its meaning and its power, turning it into more of a spitball than a stigma.

“It gets to the point where we don’t have a word that we use to call people racist who actually are,” said John McWhorter, who studies race and language at the conservative Manhattan Institute…

[It’s] an easy charge to make against the rare individual carrying an “Obamacare” sign depicting the president as an African witch doctor with a bone through his nose. But it’s almost impossible to prove — or refute — assertions that bias, and not raw politics, fuels opposition to Obama.

“You have to be very careful about going down that road. You’ve cried wolf,” said Sean Wilentz, a Princeton University professor who studies U.S. political and social history.

If ObamaCare crashes and burns, the Democratic strategy painting the opposition as racist nuts — starting with that odious DNC ad about “angry mobs” in July and continuing to the present day — will go down as one of the most insanely idiotic gambits in modern political history.

Some sane words on the subject from Charles Krauthammer:

Finally, if you’re wondering if you’re somehow a racist, Powerline has a helpful chart you can use:

Piece of cake, right? Now you’re set.

Seriously, though, I’m certain that you, as a thinking, intelligent person, realize the absolute fallacy of this racism accusation. It is patently false, and simply an emotionally-charged method of shutting down all debate and disagreement with their chosen Obamessiah. That’s it. Essentially all real racism rests squarely on the Left, and their accusations prove it.

You know what’s really stupid about all this? Obama’s only half black. His mother was a nice young (white) Kansas girl, remember? So, if white people are racist for opposing Obama because he’s half black, does that mean that black people are racist for opposing Obama because he’s half white? Hmmm…

Regardless, I think we need to remind people of these important facts on race. More to come on that in future posts.

For now, just don’t buy this load of garbage.

There’s my two cents.

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