Putting Obama’s Budget Into Perspective

As with his previous videos, Political Math has another outstanding video that really puts the ‘savings’ in Obama’s budget into perspective. Observe:

Aside from the obvious, here’s another major problem with this abomination:

The Obama Administration has been quick to point out that it has exempted the defense budget from its proposed freeze on other elements of discretionary spending in its budget. While the Administration has announced in the budget that it is requesting a $33 billion supplemental appropriation for defense in the current fiscal year and is providing modest real growth in the overall defense budget in fiscal 2011 over its new fiscal 2010 baseline, the five-year defense budget is well below “freeze” levels.

This is because it proposes to reduce the defense budget by about $92 billion from fiscal 2011 levels in fiscal 2012. This is a roughly 12 percent current dollar reduction in a single year.

The defense budget that the Obama Administration has proposed is too small. In the coming years, this will require some combination of the following steps:

1) reducing military manpower levels;
2) reducing force structure;
3) reducing operational capacity;
4) scaling back modernization plans; and
5) reducing military compensation.

Based on past experience, it appears that the Administration is most committed to cutting back modernization. This is the same area that suffered from the “procurement holiday” of the 1990s. The option the Administration is least likely to pursue is restructuring military compensation. Regardless of which combination of steps the Obama Administration takes, this defense budget means that the security commitments of the U.S., both to itself and its allies, ultimately will have to be scaled back. If it refuses to admit that at least some key U.S. security commitments will be withdrawn under this budget, the Obama Administration will be making the nation’s security policy a form of bluff.

As we’ve said many times before, the Barack Obama is the single greatest threat to the American way of life. This is a real, tangible example of how.

There’s my two cents.


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