Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Cassy Fiano at Hot Air's Greenroom has the first half of the news:

Obamacare can’t save this sinking ship. After completely ignoring the will of the American people, Democrats get to enjoy a new low: a disapproval rate of 72%. And guess what? It hasn’t been that low since — you guessed it — 1994.

Tucked away inside a new Washington Post/ABC News poll is a key figure — 72 percent. That’s the percentage of voters who disapprove of the job Congress is doing, and the number hasn’t been that high since — you guessed it — the week before the 1994 election.

The Cornhuser Kickback and Gator-aid — two controversial provisions in the healthcare bill — are a couple of attractively named and accessible reasons why people don’t like how Congress operates. And at no point in the last 16 years has that picture been so clear to voters.

Republicans are by no means immune to the dirty politics that permeate Washington. Democrats, though, have brought it to a whole new level. Pelosi promised Americans the most ethical Congress ever — and instead, we got corruption, cronyism, thuggery, bribery, and secrets. Obama promised Americans hope and change — and instead, we got Chicago style corrupt politics as usual. Ethics? Transparency? Yeah, right. It’s no wonder that Americans are furious.

And then, Democrats hypothetically spat in the faces of their constituents, passing a takeover of the American health care system against our will.

Americans are furious, all right. And this November, the chickens are coming home to roost. You can’t ignore the will of the American people and expect them to smile blandly and keep voting you into office. Represent the American people well, or you will be voted out. It’s that simple.

Ace of Spades provides the second half:

Gallup: Obama's Approval Drops to Lowest Level Yet, 46%

With 48% disapproving.

And, as usual, this is with adults, not voters, and definitely not likely voters.

Obama is among those waiting eagerly to see what's in the health care bill. Maybe there's an extra 5% approval for him lurking around in those 2200 pages.

Clinton's Prediction… Of a ten point bounce for Obama upon passage of the socialist health care plan seems in error.

I love chicken, especially fried

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