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Fun And Frivolity: Political Cartoons

Readers and friends have forwarded me a bunch of funny political cartoons in the past few weeks, so I’m going to go ahead and post my favorites of those rather than the usual non-political humor. Thanks to all of you

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The Reasonable Cost Of Drilling For Oil

Another winner from Laura at Hot Air’s Greenroom: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a catastrophe. It’s literally going to make large swaths of the coastline and wetlands a disaster area. It’s also part of the reasonable cost of

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Spinning The Economy

Let's be shocked: Obama: Drop in GDP growth rate means we’re on the right track, or something Share Er, come again? The White House crowed endlessly about the 2009Q4 annualized GDP growth rate of 5.7% in January, even after most

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Silence And Salt

Michelle Malkin: From the “It’s a little like hiring John Edwards to be your marriage counselor but way worse” file, we find yet another pathetic reason the US should have nothing to do with the United Nations: NEW YORK —

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A Calm, Reasonable, And Devastating Response To Critics

UMKC law professor Kris Kobach: The arguments we’ve heard against [the recently passed Arizona illegal immigration law] either misrepresent its text or are otherwise inaccurate. As someone who helped draft the statute, I will rebut the major criticisms individually: It

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High Priest Of Green-ness Raises Hypocrisy To New Level

Michelle Malkin: Clearly Gore’s humble Nashville abode was way too confining, so Al has purchased a new gigantic pulpit from which to preach to the rest of us about how our gas-powered leaf blowers and electric can openers are killing

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Off-Teleprompter Remarks Once Again Reveal Obama’s True Beliefs

You'd think he would have learned by now, but no: Via News Alert and Breitbart TV, consider this Share the Wealth 2010. Barack Obama went off the TelePrompter in his speech to a Quincy, Illinois audience about Wall Street reform.

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The Permanent Campaign Amuses

As you know, I'm on Barack Obama's campaign e-mail list, just for fun.  From time to time, they send out campaign messages (it's a permanent campaign for them, remember) asking for more money, usually demonizing Sarah Palin, George W. Bush,

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Obama Uses Outright Racism To Shill For Immigration Reform

Wow, this is pretty audacious, even for the one who spent more in his first year than all 43 presidents before him. You can check out the video at the link, but it's so filled with the same old lies

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The Guy Just Doesn’t Miss

Michael Ramirez, that is, certainly not on these Obama vs. the economy cartoons… Brilliant! There’s my two cents.

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