America Rocks…Dammit

Barack Obama finally gave voice himself to what we have logically inferred from his actions since taking office:

How revoltingly inappropriate is that? Most people would think it was a good thing to live in the most secure, powerful, and safe nation in the world, but not him.

“Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”

How in the world did this guy fool 52% of the American people to get himself elected President?!

Anyway, here are some very poignant comments on the subject.

Gateway Pundit

Thanks for the pep talk, Barack. He really believes America is the enemy.

Mere Rhetoric added:

On the plus side he might not have that problem much longer. In just the three weeks he’s alienated India, had an alliance-threatening spat with Karzai, shown “sneering contempt” for Britain, and – part and parcel of his disregard for Europe in general – is said to have built “a wall” between the US and Germany. And of course there’s there’s the whole Israel thing.

Cassy Fiano (Hot Air Greenroom)

This statement was made at the closing of his Nuclear Security Summit. It’s a nice coincidence, considering he’s doing his best to weaken us with his new policy on nuclear weapons.

And I guess this video explains why he would enact such an awful policy.

Now, Obama may have been simply referring to the fact that we get dragged into world conflicts. As a world superpower, that is true. But as I recall, we are supposed to be a force for good in the world. Part of being a force for good in the world means that, occasionally, we have to be the “world’s police”. Let’s think about WWII and Germany. If Obama was president then, would he have bothered fighting the Nazis? Or would he have just let them continue their evil reign throughout Europe, murdering millions along the way? Yeah, sure, it’s easy to say now, in retrospect, that of course he would have helped to liberate Europe and destroy the Nazis. But remember his position on preventing genocide during the campaign? Specifically, he said that preventing genocide in Iraq was not a good enough reason to keep our troops there. Why should we believe he’d have wanted to stop Hitler if he wouldn’t have had a problem letting Hussein continue his tyranny and terrorization of Iraq? The point is, being a superpower in the world is a good thing. There will always be a superpower in the world, and if it isn’t us, who would it be?

The point is, we are needed in the world to be a superpower, and to use our military power as a force for good in the world. The United States is a rare country in this. We may have to act as the world’s police occasionally, but we never act for our own gain. If we fail to be that force for good in the world, it will open the door to another situation similar to what enabled WWII to be possible. If we’re not the superpower, then we can’t keep countries like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea in check. Al Qaeda will be able to unleash their terror on the world with literally no one to stop them. Who will step up against them if we won’t? Canada? England? France? Yeah, right.

The scary thing is that our Commander-in-Chief can’t see this. He looks at our military dominance, and our role in the world as a force for good, and thinks it’s a bad thing.

Lori Ziganto (RedState)

…one need only look to Obama’s associations and his very actions to see what he truly meant and what he believes.

Obama does not believe in American Exceptionalism and he is actively pursuing its decline. There, I said it. He has surrounded himself with people who hold these same beliefs. Further proof is evidenced by a speech – to young students – that his Science Czar gave the other day.

The Obama administration’s top science and technology official, who has argued for the economic de-development of America, warned science students last Friday that the United States cannot expect to be “number one” forever. “We can’t expect to be number one in everything indefinitely,” Dr. John P. Holdren said at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

… Because that would be meany pants, I suppose. And “not fair.” … I suppose everything that America has done as the greatest source for good in the World has really been a ruse perpetrated by nefarious racist, evil mongers. Or dum-dum crackers. I can’t really keep straight which one we are supposed to be. I’m also no longer sure if being called Un-American is an insult to the Left. …

Obama’s entire career path was predicated on the belief that America is icky and needs “fixed.” That America needs to be more like Europe. He goes on apology tours grousing about all our delusionally perceived wrongs, for goodness sake. He can’t even bring himself to ever praise America. At the commemoration of the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, not only did he not bother attending, but he failed to even make mention of the fact that the tyranny was at the hands of the Soviet Union and was lifted due to the actions, will and exceptionalism of America. Nor did he make one mention of Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan. I suppose he’s only sorry that he couldn’t figure out a way to BLAME America.

This is the quintessential problem with Barack Obama: he’s literally anti-American despite being the leader of America.

His words and his actions both prove it.

There’s my two cents.


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