Friday Update: DemCare

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on DemCare, but Nancy Pelosi’s eerily accurate statement that DemCare would have to pass before we found out all the nasty bits that were in it is now proving true. Here are just a few of the things we’ve discovered, now that it’s actually the law of the land.

Obama’s nominee to run the Death Panels is a huge, huge fan of Britain’s Death Panel system of rationing health care. But don’t worry about that because the Death Panels don’t exist, of course.

Maybe the non-existent Death Panels will start by tracking your children’s Body Mass Index to see how healthy they are. Oh, no, wait, that’s not going to happen when DemCare gets fully implemented. It’s happening now. But don’t worry about that, either, because no government bureaucrat will be getting between you and your doctor.

One of the things that the Obama administration promised was that health care coverage would be cheaper. They planned to do this by bundling all states into high risk pools to help defray the costs to everyone, but — and I know this is hard to fathom — some states aren’t too excited about paying for other states’ unhealthy citizens, and are opting out.

Strangely enough, DemCare will hit you with a new 3.8% tax when you…wait for it…sell your house! No, I’m not kidding. But they’re not adding new taxes, says President Wonderboy. Except that even the super-dense cheerleading squad Associated Press has figured out that new taxes are inevitable.

Also, shocker of all shockers, the CBO has now done some re-calculation, and published the fact that DemCare will be much, much more expensive than even the initial (jiggered) estimates. But don’t worry about that because — despite the numbers irritatingly being larger than before — Obama assures us that DemCare will actually save us money long-term. So much so, in fact, that the medical device industry is now considering mass layoffs to recoup the costs savings DemCare will force on them. And try not to think about the coming doctor shortage, either. That would be depressing.

Also never mind the fact that businesses of all sizes will be hammered with new penalties, some for not providing the more less expensive health care required by the government. For those not decimated by the penalties, the IRS will require thousands of new forms to be filled out on an annual basis. Oh, and ignore the fact that DemCare will likely kill FSAs and Medicare Advantage. And ignore the job losses from hospitals that are actually owned by the physicians working there, which will also take a pummeling.

Seriously, what’s not to love here?

Moving on…all this new information might have been good to know before it was signed into law, don’t you think? Actually, we did know, or we at least had a pretty good idea. The problem was that Congress simply ignored the American people, thinking that we’d resign ourselves to it once it was over and done with. Wrong-o!

The number of U.S. voters who expect the recently passed health care bill to increase the federal deficit is at its highest level yet, and most voters continue to favor its repeal.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows 63% now believe the health care reform legislation signed into law is likely to increase the federal deficit. That’s up four points from last week and up three points from when the law was passed in March.

The percentage of voters who expect the law to increase the deficit has ranged from 57% to 63% since March.

Support for repeal is proving to be just as consistent as opposition to the plan before it was passed into law. Fifty-six percent (56%) now favor repeal, including 46% who Strongly Favor it. Thirty-seven percent (37%) are opposed to repeal, with 28% Strongly Opposed.


That vast miscalculation may help explain why the Obama administration is getting so desperate that they’re threatening to veto parts of their own bill.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

There’s my two cents.


I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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