British Preview Of Lethal DemCare

Well, this report from the U.K. is just awesome:

Millions of patients face losing NHS care as bosses prepare to axe treatments to make £20billion of savings by 2014, a top doctor has warned.

Among procedures being targeted by health trusts are hernias, joint replacements, ear and nose procedures, varicose veins and cataract surgery.

Dr Mark Porter, chairman of the British Medical Association’s consultants committee, warned NHS bosses wanted ‘wholesale reductions in budgets’.

He said primary care trusts – which commission care – are already compiling lists of ‘low value’ operations that would no longer be provided.

These include hip replacements for obese patients and some operations for hernias and gallstones. Procedures for varicose veins, ear and nose problems including grommets in children are also not funded in some areas.

Dr Porter said it was wrong to impose blanket bans on such procedures when some patients might benefit.

Seniors will be killed off first, but eventually we’ll get to anyone deemed undesirable. Funny thing, though, how the U.K. is using the very same death panels that the liberal Left promised wouldn’t be used here.

In other DemCare news, doctors still aren’t happy about DemCare. That might be at least partly because they know ERs will be overrun and waiting lines will be excessive. Businesses hate DemCare because, well, it’ll put them out of business. And no, the insurance companies aren’t gouging all of us for excessive profits.

But hey, let’s go ahead and believe the Left, which has been lying or wrong about every single aspect of DemCare thus far.

There’s my two cents.

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