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The Fruit Of Barack Obama’s Labors

In just five short years, Barack Obama’s transformation of America is bearing tremendous fruit.  Record numbers of Americans receiving government assistance, the invasive and oppressive Obamacare, a drastically weakened military, and…this: The US is on the brink of losing its

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The Obama Decision-Making Pipeline

From Michael Ramirez: I’m pretty sure that underneath all of that hideously incomprehensible maze of pipework there’s simply a straight shot between the politics and the money. Just sayin’… There’s my two cents.

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Fighting Inequality: Rule Of Law Vs. Legal Plunder

This is an absolutely outstanding article by James A. Dorn at the Cato Institute that brilliantly explains the key differences between liberals like Barack Obama and conservatives like me.  Read the whole thing.  No, really, the whole thing.  It could

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Revisiting The 2008 Financial Crisis…Again

Anyone who has seriously looked into the cause of the financial crisis of 2008 knows this already, but given the persistent misunderstanding by a large chunk of the American public that our economic woes are due to George W. Bush,

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You Might Be A Conservative If…

Here is the second part of Patriot Post’s spin on Jeff Foxworthy’s classic joke setup (the first, You Might Be A Liberal If… can be found here). You Might Be A Conservative If… “Our conflict is not likely to cease

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You Might Be A Liberal If…

Patriot Post recently did a couple of articles playing off of Jeff Foxworthy’s classic joke setup.  They’re amusing, yes, but they also contain a whole lot of truth.  The first installment is the liberal side; the conservative side will be

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It’s Clear: America Dislikes Its Leaders

Several recent indicators all point in the same direction.  First up is a Reason-Rupe poll that reveals this vicious body blow: Americans don’t paint a pretty picture of their public servants in the new national Reason-Rupe poll. Americans tell Reason-Rupe that

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Students 1, Michelle Obama 0

This is very interesting.  About a week ago the Daily Mail had this story: A furor over what the Topeka school district considers an honor has erupted after plans were announced for Obama to address a combined graduation ceremony for

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More IRS Illegality

It’s only been a couple days since we recapped the exploding IRS scandal(s), and now we’ve got even more to be concerned about: The Internal Revenue Servicehas revoked the tax-exempt status of a conservative charity for making statements critical of

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Priorities Speak Volumes

Sometimes it’s hard to contain the anger at the injustice and shameless politicking perpetrated by our elected “leaders.”  After watching this should be one of those times. Unconscionable.  

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