The Difference Is There’s No Real Difference

If I had written the script, starred in it, and produced it myself, I could not agree more with Bill Whittle on this video:

The utter lack of opposition is what’s allowing Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the radical liberal Democrats run roughshod over the Republican party despite the fact that the evidence of their failures is overwhelming.  In fact, they are actively subverting the conservative wing of their own base, proving that they’re more similar to the actual opposition party than to their own base.  More on that in future posts.

Whittle’s right…it’s time for them to go, along with every other RINO and lifer in Congress, especially from the GOP.

There’s my two cents.



I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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