What We Believe: Natural Law

If you actually read about the Founders and what they both believed and intended for this country, you’ll find that their belief in God and His blessing was woven through all of it. Even the least religious of the Founders agreed on the concept of natural law, which is essentially the embodiment of God’s establishment of truths that transcend human laws. Or, to put it more simply: there is a God, and He makes rules that overrule any — and all — human government. If you’re interested in learning more, check out The 5000 Year Leap: The Miracle That Changed The World.  It is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and is incredibly informative on how this country was founded.

And watch this, of course:

There’s my two cents.



I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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