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Housekeeping For The Week

For those of you who don’t know, we’re moving this week.  Between two different closing sessions, final walk-throughs, final (and preliminary) cleaning, moving days, and collective group sighing when it’s over…I may or may not find the time it takes

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Leftover Link Friday

Yeah, I know, technically it’s Saturday…but the links are still good, and serve as a follow up to issues we’ve been following through the week.  Dig in! What the public thinks 54% of Americans have no confidence in Obama’s leadership

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Redskins Mess Illustrates Liberal Political Correctness And Aptitude For Tyranny

The Washington Redskins just had their trademark revoked because it was raaaaaacist: The NFL’s ‘Skins have actually had their mark canceled on “disparagement” grounds once before, in 1999, but that decision ended up being overturned in federal court on a

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Economic Chickens Come Home To Roost

Policies do matter, and consequences are inevitable.  Case in point: Consumer prices last month posted their sharpest increase in 15 months as inflation continued a recent acceleration from unusually low levels. … The rise in prices was broad-based, with food,

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America’s Illegal National Standing Army

If you’re a gun owner, you’ve probably figured this out already because the Department of Homeland Security has been buying up obscene quantities of bullets for years now, effectively washing away the market for private buyers.  I initially thought this

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More Than A ‘Smidgen’ Of Corruption Rearing Its Ugly Head At The IRS

Remember this? Not a ‘smidgen.’  Then we saw this: It now appears that the IRS was not only engaged in an illegal witch hunt of conservatives applying for tax-exempt status, but that it was actively pushing criminal investigation of already

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The Democrats Celebrate Flag Day (Someone Else’s, Not Ours)

No, I kid you not: On Flag Day, the Democrats twitter feed sent out a photo to, one assumes, celebrate and honor the day. There was only one slight, tiny, no big deal little problem with the flag. It wasn’t

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Another Day, Another Lie Unravels

Via Byron York: [W]hether or not many people noticed, this was the week in which the Obama administration’s attempts to deflect blame for the border crisis fell apart. … Top administration officials have tried to attribute the surge in crossings

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Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Iraq is in chaos, with terrorists about to take control of Baghdad.  The U.S. embassy has been at least partially evacuated.  The Islamic terrorists conducting the offensive — Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS for short — wasted

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Leftover Link Friday

Illegal Immigration Proof that the current mess was deliberately arranged by the Obama administrationObama administration forbids lawmakers from taking photos at illegal immigrant holding facility Gang members are coming in, too Border patrol changing diapers, heating formula for illegal immigrant

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