The Backpedal Picks Up Speed

Good news:

Following Indiana’s lead, state legislatures in Oklahoma, South Carolina and Missouri have approved measures to exit and replace the national standards and tests known as Common Core.

A proposal in Oklahoma would repeal Common Core and replace it with new standards developed by the state board of education. In the interim, Oklahoma’s prior state standards, the Priority Academic Student Skills standards, would be reinstated. …

The South Carolina legislature just agreed to a proposal that would create a committee to review and revise the Common Core standards in the state by the 2015-16 school year. The bill also requires the state to exit Common Core-aligned Smarter Balanced testing consortia completely and replace the tests with their own assessments by the 2014-15 school year.

In Missouri, the legislature has passed a proposal which also repeals and replaces Common Core.

The bill requires the state board to develop new academic standards by October 2015, in place of the Common Core, and adopt and implement these standards by the 2016-17 school year. “This puts the process back into the hands of the people,” said State Senator Ed Emery, R-Lamar. …

Sixteen other states have pushed back against the Common Core national standards by downgrading or halting implementation of the standards and/or national tests, including Arizona last week.

Common Core was passed using tactics akin to extortion against the states during a time of fiscal crisis, and are nothing more than a big-government solution to how to control the culture and society of this nation through the public educational system.  Oh, and it will be terribly expensive while achieving poor results.  But that should be a given for any government-run program.  For this many states to be actively pulling back is a tremendously good thing, and should be both encouraged and accelerated.  If you’re in a state that is on the move, let your state representatives know it’s the right move; if not, keep spreading the word and pressuring your representatives to do the right thing.  There’s plenty of evidence available to show anyone with an objective mind what is really going on and what the end result will be, but it needs to be presented to those who are affected (parents, kids) and those who make the decisions (legislators, school boards).  This one’s on us, and we desperately need to win it.

There’s my two cents.

For more on Common Core, see previous posts here.


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