What’s The Deal With Hobby Lobby?

You may have heard some big news about Hobby Lobby last week.  If you heard it from the mainstream media, you probably heard something along the lines of how the “Republican war on women” was given a huge boost, that those poor Hobby Lobby women employees are being abused by the big religious zealot-run corporation and having their birth control — which is a natural human right, of course — taken away, and how “narrow” the ruling was so it will probably be overturned real soon.  Here’s what really happened (info is pulled from the links listed below).

One of the more controversial provisions of Obamacare is the requirement of all health care plans to cover not only birth control but also abortifacient drugs.  This is, of course, a violation of the religious conscience of people who believe abortion is morally wrong.  Hobby Lobby and other companies (most of which are owned/operated by Christians) have sued the federal government that this provision was a violation of their 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion.  The government’s supposed position is that abortion is just a part of health care, which is a right for all Americans; on the practical side, they know that under even the most rosy of theoretical scenarios Obamacare is hopelessly unfeasible in economic terms, and the more people avoid being forced to pay into the system, the faster it all unravels.  So, in addition to their disdain for traditional religion, they simply cannot allow people to withdraw from the system.

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling last week basically held that private “closely held” corporations — companies with a limited number of stockholders, where the stock isn’t publicly traded — are basically viewed by the law as individuals, and therefore allowed to practice their faith through their company policies.  This is what has thrown the Left into conniptions.

Let’s address the main issues, shall we?

Issue #1: Health care is a right.

Really?  Find that for me in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  This country has been duped by liberals into thinking that anything and everything that we want should be a right simply because we want it.  That’s ludicrous.  Freedom of speech and religion are rights because they can be upheld and preserved for all people equally without taking from anyone else.  Health care isn’t a right because it cannot be provided to everyone equally without forcing someone to provide something for others to their own detriment.  Also of note is the fact that this mythical “right” to health care isn’t even in Obamacare – it was added after the fact in one of Obama’s illegal executive changes in the law.

Issue #2: Birth control is being denied to women.

Not true at all.  In fact, of the 20 methods of contraception required by Obamacare plans, Hobby Lobby’s plan includes 16 of them.  There were four abortifacients that were specifically the issue precisely because they induced abortions rather than prevented pregnancies.  Hobby Lobby argued that these four forced them to pay for abortions, which was against their religious beliefs.  That’s the key difference.  Even so, those four drugs weren’t banned, nor are any employees prevented from obtaining and/or using them.  Hobby Lobby simply isn’t required to pay for them.  If it was really that critical for any employee to get those four drugs, then they can go get them on their own.  Is expense the issue?  Well, it’s a good thing Hobby Lobby pays roughly double the minimum wage and their competitors.  Oh, and by the way, if even that is such an egregious evil, then it should be pointed out that no one is being forced to work for Hobby Lobby.

Issue #3: Big corporations

This isn’t about big corporations at all.  Closely held corporations are generally controlled by less than five people, and this designation — defined by none other than the IRS itself — includes about 90% of all businesses and a majority of all Americans in the nation.

Issue #4: Liberal hypocrisy

She’s far from the only one, but given her high profile nature, Hillary Clinton’s position on all this is very intriguing.  She’s opposed to the current ruling, obviously, but the fun part is the fact that this ruling she abhors so much is based entirely on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was passed almost unanimously in 1993 by both the Senate and the House…and signed into law by Bill Clinton.  Hmm.

Another interesting bit of hypocrisy can be found in Barack Obama himself.  You see, there’s this little thing he could do any day he wanted to if it was really about obtaining contraception:

Legal observers say it would not be difficult for the Obama Administration to resolve the situation unilaterally. The Department of Health and Human Services has already taken unilateral executive action to ensure that women employed by religious nonprofits get contraception coverage in cases where the employer declines to pay. “There was nothing in the statute that specifically allowed them to create the exemption for non-profit organizations so I don’t see why they couldn’t extend that to for-profit corporations,” said Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University and an expert on the Affordable Care Act’s regulations. “I don’t know why they couldn’t do it themselves.”

For a President who has been enthusiastically taken unilateral action — whether legal or otherwise — on any issue over the past few years, and even boasting about his willingness to use his pen and phone to do whatever he wants, his reluctance to do so now on this issue is puzzling…unless you understand this in the framework of politics.  By pushing this onto Congress for a legislative fix, Obama not only buys himself Republican complicity in the act, but he also gets to use it as a campaign and fundraising issue for the next few months.  If the GOP refuse (or fail) to pass what he wants, he can blame them for obstruction and/or the continued war on women blah blah blah; if they do something, he succeeds in manipulating them into violating their supposed principles and he can hammer them for it.  Either way, he wins.  The bottom line on this issue is that it’s not actually about a war on women, denying birth control to employees, or anything remotely related.  It’s about upholding religious freedom for all Americans.  This won’t be the last ruling on the subject, but it was the first and it sets some serious precedents.

Honestly, it’s troubling that it’s even been an issue raised to the level of the Supreme Court, and it’s disheartening that it was only a 5-4 decision in favor of freedom.  Making hay with this is a shameless political tactic on the part of screeching liberals, and reveals both their true character and their utter reliance on the ignorance of their voters.

Also of critical importance to understand is the fact that the question of religious freedom versus government dictated health care choices didn’t exist before Obamacare.  Unless Obamacare is repealed, this will only happen more and more.  Get used to it?  I’d rather not.  How about you?

There’s my two cents.


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