Thoughts On The Tragedy In Ferguson, MO

I’m certain you’ve heard what’s going on there – it’s been all over the…well, all over everything.  The short version of what happened is that a young African American male was mistakenly shot and killed by a police officer.  The officer was kept anonymous — and rightly so, because the death threats soon came pouring in — and put on paid suspension pending an investigation, which I believe is the normal course of action anytime any officer kills someone for any reason.  Large protests formed quickly to demand answers and the race baiters swing into action, quickly propelling the situation out of control.  The resulting chaos has been as terrible as it was predictable, given the state of the nation right now.  Rioting and looting ensued, and has continued for five days. The Semi-Retired President took a break from his golf vacation to call for peace, but not even the African American base or the so-compliant-it’s-a-joke media is satisfied, much less the chief of police in Ferguson.  The race baiters are all out in force now, as are the Black PanthersHeavily armed police are attempting to keep the peace and quell the rioting and looting, but they’re catching all kinds of heat, too, and now it appears there may be a wholesale swap of the police force in the city.  Incidents like attacking a TV news crew don’t help, unfortunately, and serve to show the level of complete chaos in the city.  There have even been calls for a declaration of martial law.

Rush Limbaugh has addressed the political motivations and ramifications involved over the past couple days, and I think he makes some good points that speak to much more than politics:

Obama late again, practicing the art of disrespect that he has perfected.  He’s never on time.  …  I mean, Ferguson, Missouri, has been going on for how long?  When did this happen?  Days ago, right?  And the news out of the White House has been that the president’s been briefed about it.  That’s all anybody’s heard.

Well, yeah, Susan Rice keeping him up to speed.  Valerie Jarrett, keeping the president up to speed. They had a conversation on the sixth tee yesterday while there was a backlog on the par three ahead of the gang, had time to brief the president on what’s been going on.  But he’s now gonna come out and do a press conference, or at least an appearance, and this is happening because somebody in the White House tweeted out last night something about the party that the Obamas were attending at Vernon Jordan’s place with the Clintons.  It was a tweet or some such thing, press release from the White House about the party last night, and it said, “A good time was had by all,” at the time that Molotov cocktails are being thrown in Ferguson, Missouri.

You know people are tweeting out of St. Louis? I saw it at Jim Hoft’s blog, Gateway Pundit.  There are people in Ferguson, African-Americans, tweeting out things like, “You didn’t do nothing for us.”  And then the F-bomb, U, at Obama.  People are tweeting from Ferguson angry things at Obama.  This is something the Drive-Bys are not gonna find in all of their investigations.  They won’t look for it.  It’ll never occur to them to look at a largely African-American population and find out just who they’re mad at besides this cop and the police department.

If you look at their tweets, it is clear that they expected much better than this. Starting in 2008, they really had, and a lot of people did, really high expectations.  There were a lot of people, the poor, a number of minorities who really bought into this hope and change thing, folks.  A lot of white people voted for Obama hoping that doing so would shed the shackles of our original sin of slavery and finally get rid of this notion that this is a racist country.  A lot of people voted for Obama on that basis.

There were a lot of people with a lot of reasons that voted for Obama.  They had nothing to do with policy.  Instead, they represented other hopes and dreams, and all of those hopes and dreams were daily fed by a media who told people, “Whatever you want this man to be, that’s who he is.  If he’s the smartest and greatest, he is.  If he’s the solution to that problem, he is.  If he’s the answer to that circumstance, he is.”  They were all fed this.  It’s kind of tragic, in a way, when you read some of these tweets coming out of St. Louis from the residents, who are — and look, a little understandably here — perplexed.

Let’s face it, folks, there are a number of African-Americans who thought that the election of the first African-American president would mean a stark turnaround from the way they think they have always been treated. That this guy was gonna come in, and he’s gonna fix it, and he was going to make sure that all these years of this kind of stuff happening would never happen again, and furthermore, he was gonna come in, and he was gonna take names. He was gonna take names and find out who they are and he was gonna make sure that they were punished.

There were all kinds of these expectations that were rolled into the election of Obama.  One of the reasons his poll numbers are plummeting now, I believe, with every one of these situations all across this country that indicate the country’s on fire, the world’s on fire, the situation, whatever it is, deteriorating.  A lot of people voted for Obama thinking this kind of stuff was over, that his election specifically meant this wasn’t gonna happen anymore.  And if it did, whoever did it was gonna be dealt with on the spot.  Whoever did it, whoever continued this kind of stuff was gonna be found, and they were gonna be dealt with right here and right now.

And that isn’t happening.  The president’s on the golf course.  His third vacation this summer.  So last night somebody issues a press release from the White House about the party, “A good time was had by all.”


The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, before Obama came out, did his own town hall meeting type of event in Ferguson.  Here is a portion of what he said.

NIXON:  This community has been torn apart by this horrific and bad occurrence over the last week, so we need that safety. But we also need to allow folks who want to express their energy in an appropriate way, to have the absolute right to do that.  Because we will not get the healing that we all need if the only response from the public is, “You all just be quiet.”  There is a certain level of emotion that must be expressed in order for us to reach a higher plane.

RUSH:  Now, folks, this goes exactly to the point that I made to our first caller today from Ferguson.  Our first caller, if you didn’t hear it in the last hour, said that he was very happy that the cops are doing what they’re doing, protecting property, that they are being not tolerant at all of people engaging in further unlawful activity.  If they spot it, they’re shutting it down. They’re stopping people, if need be they are arresting them.  He said that people who live in neighborhoods nearby where the rioting and looting is taking place are scared and that he’s very happy and somewhat comforted by the fact that the cops are taking a hard line against any more of this lawless behavior.  And he wanted us to know that he supported the cops in this regard.

He also made the point that the McDonald’s where these reporters were sitting working is boarded up because it was vandalized, which is a little bit conflicting with the reporters themselves who said they were in there and buying stuff from McDonald’s.  But I want to go back, because the governor here just said something.  I want to restate what I said to this caller.  And I know this is true.  I know it’s true because I’ve had e-mails from people who say it. But I don’t even need e-mails.  I know people so well, I just do.

What triggered all of this?  What appears to be a really bad mistake.  A police officer in Ferguson shooting an unarmed black teenager.  No excuse.  Bad.  Very bad.  That’s horrible.  There are some people who believe that the cops need to admit to people, outside of a formal investigation, they need to show people that they realize that this was a very bad thing that their fellow officer did, and that one of the ways they can do that is to, you know, sometimes look the other way when vandalism is taking place and understand that people are going to have these reactions. If you let them do a little looting, if you let them engage in some questionable civil unrest, and if you let them get it out of their system, that you’ll end up having peaceful circumstances prevail much sooner than if the cops act like hard line East German Stasi officers.

In light of that, here came the governor of the state of Missouri, who said, “So we need that safety, but we also need to allow people who want to express their energy in an appropriate way to have the absolute right to do that.”  Now, he’s not advocating lawbreaking, and I don’t want anybody misquoting me on this.  Not my point.  But he is, in a very predictable way, he is suggesting or advocating that some kind of behavior here in reaction to an unwarranted, uncalled for, may be discriminatory act needs to be understood, need to understand the rage.  I mean, the cops once again shot a black kid, and people are gonna be fit to be tied over this, they’re tired of it. If they go loot, if they go to this, well, just let it happen and back off. Give ’em a couple days to get it out of their system and then start clamping down.  Let ’em blow off some steam.

Now, he didn’t say that because he said “in an appropriate way,” but still the attitude or the mind-set is there.  And people have the absolute right to do that, because, he said, we will not get the healing that we all need if the only response is y’all just be quiet and just keep arresting people are breaking the law, really strict enforcement of the law, ’cause there’s a certain level of emotion that must be expressed in order for us to reach a higher plane.  That means we gotta let some of these people get it out of their system.

Now, again, don’t anybody misunderstand.  I’m not suggesting that the governor is telling the cops to look the other way when people break the law, not at all, and don’t anybody misquote me.  But the mind-set here is the same, minus the lawbreaking. The reason I’m pointing this out is ’cause I know when that caller called and he said that he was happy and proud what the cops are doing, he’s tired of the vandalism and he feels very secure that the cops are protecting people in the neighborhood, I know that there are a bunch of people listening to this program, people in the audience, who were shouting at that guy, “Well, yeah, easy for you to say, the cop didn’t kill your kid.”

…A lot of people think that way.  The governor was essentially saying, “Hey, people gotta blow off seem and maybe if we let ’em do that and not so strictly enforce things…”  He didn’t say let people break the law.  Don’t anybody misquote me.  I know that’s gonna happen.  But I’m saying this over and over so that you listening know that I’m not saying it. I’m not putting words in the governor’s mouth, but the mind-set is two wrongs do make a right sometimes.

It’s a terrible situation, period.  But, in an effort to make some sense of it, here are few thoughts to ponder.  I welcome your thoughts and comments if you’re inclined to share.

Why the looting and rioting?  I’ve never understood this.  In the wake of a tragedy that takes one young life, what is the justification for the rampage, theft, and destruction of thousands of dollars (or more) worth of property from homes and businesses that had nothing to do with it?  This may be unpopular to say, but there isn’t one.  This is simply a group of people who have so little self-restraint and so much selfishness that they’re willing to use any excuse to go take what they want while they can get away with it.  If I was an innocent resident in Ferguson, I’d want the police to crack down hard, too!  It’s really a shame that this happens, and it extends the tragedy from one death to a terrible hardship for many who don’t deserve it.  Sure, having one’s business destroyed is hardly on par with having one’s child taken away, but having one’s business destroyed does wipe out that person’s ability to provide for his own family, does it not?  While not quite comparable, it’s still a life-changing hardship to deal with, and many aren’t going to be able to recover soon…if ever.  I think that a peaceful protest to demand answers would be far more effective at not only engendering goodwill and sympathy but also at getting results compared to this barbarian rage machine that seems to spin up so quickly in circumstances like these.  Rioting and looting are never the answer, and only serve to force the authorities to crack down harder lest the whole city descend into utter anarchy.

Rush touched on it, but I’ll re-emphasize it: this President is a failure to those who most ardently support him.  There is nothing post-racial about him.  There is no unity in him.  There is no compassion for others, especially not the disadvantaged.  There is nothing but cold, political calculation and selfish liberal ideology.  He’d rather be golfing on the taxpayer’s dime than deal with a substantive issue.  His track record shows he is rarely leading from the front, but rather waits to see where the political winds blow and then adopts whatever strategy benefits him most.  Barack Obama has had six years to enact genuine change to race relations in this country, but all he has done time after time is take the low road, accusing and chastising those who don’t agree with him.  He is utterly self-serving and has done far more harm to racial relations than any President before him precisely because he was so uniquely positioned to do the opposite.  This is dangerous to his opponents and deceptive to his supporters.  The conservative right saw and understood this back in 2008; now the rest of the country is seeing it, too, on a vast array of issues, and the anger is boiling over.

But the core issue is bigger than Ferguson, MO.  A quick scan of the headlines reveals that this nation is tearing itself apart.  The moral fiber that bound it together for so long is unraveling at a terrifying pace.  Issue after issue explodes, divides us, and then gets shoved to the back burner for the next divisive explosion without ever really being resolved.  The media has long given up all pretense at objectivity, instead playing to its own ideology and lust for ratings and sensationalism, exacerbating every situation to the fullest extent imaginable.  This cannot go on.  The root problem is that we need to get back to this nation’s roots.  Individual liberty and responsibility.  Genuine equality under a law that shows no favorites and contains no protected classes.  A determination to address reality rather than hide behind political correctness.  Steadfast reliance upon the grace of God and His blessings.

Without these things, tragedies like Ferguson, MO will continue and even get worse.  This nation cannot persist without a re-awakening to what made America great.

There’s my two cents.



I'm a gun-owning, Bible-thumping, bitter clinger conservative in the heartland. You can disagree with me if you want (you do, after all, have a right to be wrong)...just don't be rude or stupid and we'll get along just fine! :)

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