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Leftover Link Friday

It’s time to re-institute the tradition of a last batch of links for the week.  There’s so much going on in politics that it’s hard to cover it all in detail (or even a little), and different things are important

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Crisis? What Crisis?

If you listen to liberals, we’re just one razor’s edge away from plunging our entire planet into an irreversible descent into self-immolation.  Or deep freeze.  Whatever.  The point is, humanity — and especially the wealthy, industrialized members of humanity —

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Environmental Irony Alert!

You just can’t make this stuff up! Polar bears are at risk, we’ve been told repeatedly, because man-made global warming is causing sea ice to disappear. But too much ice is also a problem, as some Alaskan polar bears might

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Some Final Earth Day Thoughts

Here are a few parting thoughts and observations about Earth Day. First of all, it should be well noted that the greenest of greenies (the Nanny State in Washington DC) spewed inordinate amounts of CO2 emissions jetting around the country

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It’s Earth Day! Let’s Be Progressive About It

This is the inevitable conclusion of the logical progression that elevates the planet over the people: Can we say moral decay, anyone?  

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The Ultra-Competent Obama Administration Continues Showcasing Itself

Sometimes the competence just oozes off the page: More fun from this morning’s exercise in ass-kicking on “Today”. Skip ahead to 2:36 for the key bit. The One’s logic, such as it is, is that it’s not worth talking to

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Oil Spill Wisdom

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Playing Politics With Oil Damage?

Seems awfully suspicious, anyway: Glenn Reynolds reminds me of this paragraph by Allahpundit in response to the news that the President has been aware of the true magnitude of the BP spill all along: The real disgrace here is why,

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Obama Continues To Mislead On Energy Policy

Are we really that surprised? This is nothing new, but the fact that he’s still misleading means we need to go over it again: President Obama keeps trying to make our electric bills skyrocket. Now he’s seized on the BP

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Climate Change Truth Goes To Congress…Hopefully

Oh, this is too cool: As has been reported here regularly, global warming alarmists have been losing to their opponents on the facts, on their credibility, in the public's eyes. Now there's the possibility they could actually lose a Congressional

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