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News Roundup

A lot has happened over the past few days, and I thought it would be worth reviewing briefly. The new U.K. government is taking shape, and it's going to have a definite conservative bent.  Hopefully America will follow suit in

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Liberals Hate Unintended Consequences

Here’s why: Shortly after the boondoggle known as the health care bill was passed, corporations discovered that the bill had a lot of detrimental factors to it, which, as Nancy Pelosi infamously said, we couldn’t find out until the bill

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A Shiver-Inducing Preview Of The Coming DemCare Doctor Shortage

Remember that whole doctor shortage thing that will only get worse now that DemCare is law?  One of the solutions being bandied about is to utilize technology to make up for that lack of qualified doctors.  How might that play

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Dem Lies On DemCare Now Admitted Openly

Throughout the final weeks of the DemCare battle, what were the incessant mantras we heard from the Democrats? Something like this: 1. health care costs are out of control, and DemCare is needed to reign them in, especially for the

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Pillar Talk

Brace yourself…this is one of the scariest posts I can recall doing. Gateway Pundit: The Hill reported: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said the Democrats are one bill away from completing President Barack Obama’s “blueprint for American prosperity.” “We have

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Government Competence And The Non-Existent Death Panels

What a great sign of things to come: A woman battling a cancer battle was dealt a surprise blow by Uncle Sam this month. Diana Smith has gone through six months of radiation and chemotherapy — one week out of

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Too Good To Be True: Congress Loses Health Care Due To DemCare!

Oh, this is just plain awesome: Turns out that fantastically long, mind-bogglingly complex bills which no one has actually read may create unintended consequences. Remember how they forgot to require insurers to cover kids with preexisting conditions? Oh, and they

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Oh, That Wonderful IRS!

Another outstanding video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, this time on the exorbitant cost of simply complying with the IRS. It ain’t pretty: And do you really think this will get better with thousands of new IRS agents

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The Latest Polls And What They Mean

Ace of Spades has the roundup: Gallup: Obama Falls Again to All-Time Low, 47% That’s his weekly averaged approval. The latest three-day track has him even lower. President Obama’s job approval rating fell to 47% for the week ending April

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Massachusetts Melts Down Over Failing Government Health Care

Whoa!  This is an astounding preview of what DemCare will do to the entire nation: This week it became impossible in Massachusetts for small businesses and individuals to buy health-care coverage after Governor Deval Patrick imposed price controls on premiums.

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