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Patriot Post Right Hooks

Earlier this week, the Patriot Post’s daily digest hit several current hot topics brilliantly, so much so that I thought it was worth just re-posting here without further comment.  Dig in…there’s a ton of red meat here: THE FOUNDATION “[A]

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The Weaponization Of The United States Government

*Gulp* Since at least before the 2012 re-election, and unbeknownst to Americans until fairly recently, the administration that currently runs the White House has been weaponizing various government agencies at a rate never before seen in U.S. history. The Internal

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Obama: The Border’s Never Been More Secure

That’s what he says.  Here’s the reality: There’s my two cents.  

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On Photo Ops

When asked why he doesn’t feel the need to visit the border to see the “humanitarian crisis” for himself, President Obama loftily claimed he wasn’t concerned with photo ops.  Really? Mm-hmm. There’s my two cents.  

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There’s A Method To The Madness

Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker nails it: I am considering joining a new gym closer to my home.  The gym markets itself as a friendly place for people who simply wish to get into shape, unlike other gyms, where overzealous

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Border Madness Reveals The Sausage Of Remaking America

And it ain’t pretty (for Americans). First, let’s look at what’s happening.  These are facts, not conjecture or speculation or spin.  I emphasize this because for someone who isn’t plugged into the political system of this country on a daily

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Another Day, Another Lie Unravels

Via Byron York: [W]hether or not many people noticed, this was the week in which the Obama administration’s attempts to deflect blame for the border crisis fell apart. … Top administration officials have tried to attribute the surge in crossings

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Cantor And Immigration Follow Up

Just some additional thoughts on several major issues percolating at the same time. Issue 1: Eric Cantor’s defeat As expected, there’s been no shortage of analysis on the Majority Leader’s historic — as in, the first Majority Leader in American

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Illegal Flood Update, And What It Means

Things are deteriorating on our southern border. The Obama administration’s open doors (and zero enforcement) policy is being openly touted in Central American newspapers, prompting the already overwhelming flood to get even bigger.  Temporary facilities are overcrowded, overrun, and undermanned,

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Obama Administration Illegally Importing Thousands, Violating Numerous Laws

It’s as if the closer the election gets, the bolder he is about violating the Constitution and every law on the books.  Today’s spotlight is illegal immigration.  We know that Obama’s Department of Justice (ha!) and Department of Homeland Security

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