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Off-Teleprompter Remarks Once Again Reveal Obama’s True Beliefs

You'd think he would have learned by now, but no: Via News Alert and Breitbart TV, consider this Share the Wealth 2010. Barack Obama went off the TelePrompter in his speech to a Quincy, Illinois audience about Wall Street reform.

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Gratuitous Teleprompter Post

I’m sorry, I just can’t resist: All right, this one’s for all of us who griped about Barack Obama bringing the teleprompter to a grade school and a committee meeting last week. Want to see what happens when TOTUS takes

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Sometimes The Truth Is Worse Than Farce

We had some fun at the expense of the President this week in regard to his use of teleprompters in a 6th grade classroom, though that technically was a statement to reporters. All joking aside, we now see this: Seriously?!

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Brief Teleprompter Update

Once again, Jon Stewart goes there when the rest of the media won’t: Okay, to be fair, we’re now hearing that the teleprompters were used in his comments to the media but not the kids. Still, the image is priceless,

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Obama Brings Teleprompters To Help With Tough, Tough Crowd

…of 6th graders: Obama spoke to 6th Graders in Falls Church, Virginia on Tuesday January 19, 2010. He brought his TelePrompter. He sure wouldn’t want to go off message when speaking to 6th graders. Wow. There’s some speculation that these

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What Kind Of End?

Damn Freud: An irresponsible end, huh? I’d say the honesty is refreshing, but this sounds more like a slip up by Teleprompter. Anyway, Hot Air helpfully adds: If we’re setting up an 18-month timetable for Afghanistan, we’ll be ending that

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Wow – Actual Obama Satire!

Courtesy of the Onion (via Hot Air), of course: Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner At least someone’s doing it. There’s my two cents.

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Don’t Blame TOTUS…

…he’s simply exhausted: You know, it’s kind of understandable, really.  TOTUS has been so busy with Barack Obama’s speeches since January that he really hasn’t had any downtime at all! A teleprompter can only do so much. There’s my two

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Call 911! TOTUS Is Down!

There was a serious emergency during one of Obama’s speeches earlier this week: RealClearPolitics reminds us of VP Joe Biden’s quip about just this sort of thing happening… Coincidence? Hmmm… Here’s TOTUS’ take on the incident: Remember how I was

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TOTUS Gets A Profile Piece!

You know it’s bad when even the media is poking fun at Obama for his teleprompter addiction! Enjoy: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy To check out TOTUS for yourself, go here. It’s well

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