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The Giver

I’ve never heard of this book or movie before, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to check it out.  Here’s the trailer and companion article: If you don’t know freedom, how can you want it? In the

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A Trifecta Of Liberalism, All In One Crazy Radical

This is quite a learning experience: The media should investigate the racial views of conservative activists like the ones who descended on Washington last weekend, one liberal congresswoman said Wednesday. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that it’s not enough for

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Thought Police? Old News. Make Way For The Lifestyle Police!

New York Post: EAT your vegetables. Avoid sweets and fats. Never smoke. And do your calisthenics. Or be ready to pay a hefty tax. Ridiculous? Sure. But under ObamaCare, Americans may well find themselves moving quickly toward a world of

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Fight The Hate Crimes Thought Police Bill!

I got the following e-mail late last week from the Liberty Counsel, and thought it was something you should know about: Late Thursday night, the Senate voted 63-28 to end discussion on 2009’s version of the Hate Crimes bill and

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Hate Crimes Bill Needs Your Calls!

RedState (emphasis mine): The Matthew Shepard Hate Crime bill (S909) is poised to hit the floor of the Senate this week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday. *Call your Senators and tell them you want this thing stopped. This bill is

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The Thought Police Are Coming! The Thought Police Are Coming!

Hate crimes, thought crimes, and double jeopardy: But the two classic arguments against hate-crime legislation still apply to the Shepard bill, which expands the number of protected classes to include particular genders, sexual orientations and “gender identities,” without precisely defining

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The Crazy Results Of Liberalization

Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant recently won a battle against the Human Rights Council in Canada. Basically, they published some articles in Maclean’s magazine that weren’t particularly kind to Muslims. Despite being accurate and factually true, Muslims sued them before

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Welcome To The Green Nanny State

Our friend and ally, Britain: A wonderful story from Britain illustrates all the problems with the over-active, snooping state. First, the facts. The Broadland District Council in Norfolk hired a plane equipped with a thermal imaging system to fly over

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GIVE Update

Unfortunately, it looks like the GIVE Act passed the Senate yesterday. It will now have to go into committee to hash out the differences between the House and Senate versions. Here’s an interview with Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin talking

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What Is Happening To America?

There are days when I wonder what has become of logic, reason, ethical standards, and just plain honesty in America.  Today is one of those days.  Here's a small sample. Obama presses for more secrecy The Left cheered as George

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