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And Now For The Facts

If you watched the State of the Union speech last night, you got a lot of drivel and insultingly inaccurate boilerplate.  Here are the facts from actual subject matter experts: Economy The Problem With Obama’s Shrinking Deficit Talking Point President Obama

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The Transparency Chronicles

Remember this? Um, yeah, about that touchstone thing? Forget it. Again. The most recent proof that we have of Barack Obama’s utter failure to remain open, transparent, and accountable to the American people is when a small group of protesters

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Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Cassy Fiano at Hot Air's Greenroom has the first half of the news: Obamacare can’t save this sinking ship. After completely ignoring the will of the American people, Democrats get to enjoy a new low: a disapproval rate of 72%.

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DemCare Closing In On Final Chapter

The biggest DemCare development in the past 48 hours is that of Eric Massa's explosion against the DemCare Democrats.  Here's a good summary: Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of the House Democrat Caucus. 

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Ethi-what? Transparen-what?

Remember, this is the most ethical Congress in history. No, really, they actually promised that. They didn’t mean it: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted on Friday that she is running the most ethical and honest Congress in history. At

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Doubling Down On Stupid

The Obama administration is doubling down on stupid all over the place. Observe… “Every economist says I created or saved 2 million jobs” Jake Tapper is a little confused, and so am I. The White House supposedly abandoned the “saved

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Transparency And Campaign Finance Reform

Hot Air has a great commentary on transparency and campaign finance reform: In his State of the Union speech this week, Barack Obama bemoaned a Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations to spend their money on advertising in the final

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Video Burst

Several good videos worth watching (h/t Melekiop): This is very similar to Rush Limbaugh’s two universes schtick. Hm. Now that’s transparency! I wonder why the multimillion dollar web site the Obama administration put up couldn’t handle this…? (***language warning***) Yep.

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Here’s Your Promised Transparency

Seems pretty indicative of the first year, if you ask me: Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times’ Top of the Ticket blog has assigned himself to the Joe Biden beat, and that’s a lonely job. Not too many reporters

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The DemCare Scam Continues

Here’s the latest on DemCare… The ping-pong ensues: When the House or Senate passes a measure, it is sent to the other chamber for further consideration. If the second chamber passes the measure with one or more amendments, it is

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