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Obama’s Speech On ISIS

In case you missed the big speech, here’s the short version of the most key points that Obama laid out as his roadmap for addressing the efforts of ISIS to take over Iraq and Syria: In text form: 1. Airstrikes

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Liberals Hate Unintended Consequences

Here’s why: Shortly after the boondoggle known as the health care bill was passed, corporations discovered that the bill had a lot of detrimental factors to it, which, as Nancy Pelosi infamously said, we couldn’t find out until the bill

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Government Competence And The Non-Existent Death Panels

What a great sign of things to come: A woman battling a cancer battle was dealt a surprise blow by Uncle Sam this month. Diana Smith has gone through six months of radiation and chemotherapy — one week out of

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Too Good To Be True: Congress Loses Health Care Due To DemCare!

Oh, this is just plain awesome: Turns out that fantastically long, mind-bogglingly complex bills which no one has actually read may create unintended consequences. Remember how they forgot to require insurers to cover kids with preexisting conditions? Oh, and they

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Cut Up Your Plastic!

Fast! Yesterday the new credit card law took effect, and it’s not all rosy: Who said the 111th Congress has never accomplished anything? Today, major parts of the Credit Card Act of 2009 take effect. Enacted last May with great

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Stupid Liberal Policies, Part 67,249

This poor kid: Zachary is six years old and was a first grader at Downes Elementary School in Newark, Delaware. He is a smart, happy, outgoing child who plays Little League Baseball, is a Cub Scout, studies martial arts, is

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Cash For Clunkers’ Failed Greenery

Do you remember one of the primary purposes of this whole idea of 'cash for clunkers'?  It was to promote greenery by persuading people to trade in their old gas guzzlers and upgrade to new, more fuel efficient cars, right? 

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Dems Preemptively Save Kill More Jobs

This is becoming a depressingly regular occurrence (emphasis mine): The Democrats are working toward some “unintended consequences” that are very, very obvious and the effects are going to be disastrous for our economy. As the House Republican Conference notes, Press

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Tonight’s Obamacare Cheerleading Session

Obamacare is sinking. There is disarray in the House with dozens of Dems publicly saying they won’t support it, and in the Senate we’re now hearing that Obama’s plea for a vote before the August recess just isn’t going to

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Florida City Gives Workers A Collective Wedgie

Hmmm… (emphasis mine): A Florida city is cleaning up with a new dress code that requires city workers to wear underwear and use deodorant. The city council in Brooksville north of Tampa recently approved a dress code that instructs employees

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