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And Now For The Facts

If you watched the State of the Union speech last night, you got a lot of drivel and insultingly inaccurate boilerplate.  Here are the facts from actual subject matter experts: Economy The Problem With Obama’s Shrinking Deficit Talking Point President Obama

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Obama Emptying Gitmo, Consequences Be Damned

In the same way that Obama jiggered the unemployment formula to bring the number back down under 8% juuuuuust in time for the 2012 election, he’s employing the same sort of destructive (to everyone else) mindset to deliver on an

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The Being There President

Ed Lasky at American Thinker nails Barack Obama cold.  I have nothing to add to this…just read the whole thing in its brilliant and accurate entirety.  I have no two cents in this case; it’s completely unnecessary. A key to

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The Biggest Jailbreak Ever

Courtesy of President Barack Hussein Obama: An internal Department of Homeland Security document obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies, a limited immigration group, and shared with Breitbart News Monday revealed that last year ICE released 36,007 criminal immigrants who

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This Theory Explains A Lot

First, some background via Bruce McQuain: When Barack Obama was running for the presidency, there were a number of people who warned he wasn’t ready for prime time – that he’d never really “done anything or run anything”.  That he

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Obama’s Lawlessness, Part 2

The Daily Caller highlights a handful of some of the most egregious illegal activities by the Obama administration: Cruz details 76 specific actions over eight chapters. We’ve listed eight of them, as chronicled by Cruz, below: 1. “Obama implemented portions

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