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It’s A Swing And A Miss!

Yet again, Snowmageddon failed to happen.  No one is complaining, of course, but I think that what’s really interesting about the situation is the reason why most people whiffed: In the run-up to this week’s blizzard, some serious differences emerged when

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What We Believe: The Problem With Elitism

The next video in the What We Believe series covers elitism.  Dig in: Another way that makes sense to me to think about this one is that whole two-sets-of-rules thing. When there’s one set of rules for certain people and

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Leftover Link Friday

It’s time to re-institute the tradition of a last batch of links for the week.  There’s so much going on in politics that it’s hard to cover it all in detail (or even a little), and different things are important

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Crisis? What Crisis?

If you listen to liberals, we’re just one razor’s edge away from plunging our entire planet into an irreversible descent into self-immolation.  Or deep freeze.  Whatever.  The point is, humanity — and especially the wealthy, industrialized members of humanity —

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Environmental Irony Alert!

You just can’t make this stuff up! Polar bears are at risk, we’ve been told repeatedly, because man-made global warming is causing sea ice to disappear. But too much ice is also a problem, as some Alaskan polar bears might

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