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Pot, Meet Kettle: Gender Equality Edition

Whether you call it irony, hypocrisy, or schadenfreude, the deliciousness here is simply too good not to point out.  First, we start with a little bit of background from the White House’s own website: Despite passage of the Equal Pay

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College Students Illustrate Liberalism In Spades

Oopsy-daisie…busted! Of course, this isn’t exclusive to gay marriage.  You can see this scenario play out on essentially every issue.  Rinse, wash, repeat.  As Hillary said, it’s who they are. There’s my two cents.

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More IRS Illegality

It’s only been a couple days since we recapped the exploding IRS scandal(s), and now we’ve got even more to be concerned about: The Internal Revenue Servicehas revoked the tax-exempt status of a conservative charity for making statements critical of

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Some Final Earth Day Thoughts

Here are a few parting thoughts and observations about Earth Day. First of all, it should be well noted that the greenest of greenies (the Nanny State in Washington DC) spewed inordinate amounts of CO2 emissions jetting around the country

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