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Obama’s Speech On ISIS

In case you missed the big speech, here’s the short version of the most key points that Obama laid out as his roadmap for addressing the efforts of ISIS to take over Iraq and Syria: In text form: 1. Airstrikes

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ISIS Confirms George W. Bush Was Right About WMDs…Twice

Huh: Just days after ISIS militants in Iraq seized and captured a Saddam Hussein-era chemical weapons facility and all the degraded chemical rockets contained therein, fundamentalist Islamic militants have achieved another coup. According to a report in Reuters, the Sunni

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Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Iraq is in chaos, with terrorists about to take control of Baghdad.  The U.S. embassy has been at least partially evacuated.  The Islamic terrorists conducting the offensive — Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS for short — wasted

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