What We Believe

Conservatives are rarely portrayed accurately in the media.  After all, only 7% of journalists self-identify as Republican, and many of those are probably not even conservative Republicans.  It is interesting to note, though, that despite this clear slant in the media, the majority of the nation self-identifies as conservative.  The effects of the liberal media complex have damaged the term itself to the point where people don’t want to be called one, even if they prefer its philosophy.  Regardless, it’s critical that we can explain what we believe in a way that makes sense and is easily understandable.  After all, the heart and soul of conservatism is to conserve the things that made America the great nation and world power that it is today in the hopes of passing on the same blessings to our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Americans.  Who but a die-hard liberal doesn’t want that?  The things we believe are still held as important and correct by most Americans today, even if they don’t know it or claim the descriptor of ‘conservative.’  The point is, a conservative position correctly described is one that will resonate and win every time it’s tried in all but the most liberal of circles.

This page contains the video series by Bill Whittle in which he clearly enumerates the most fundamental conservative positions and justifies the reasoning behind those positions.  Dig in…

Small Government And Free Enterprise

 The Problem With Elitism

 Wealth Creation

 Natural Law

Gun Rights


 American Exceptionalism

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