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What Do You Think?

The candidate roster has changed in the past couple of days, making my last poll pointless. In case you’re interested, here’s how the results ended up: I thought I’d throw a different question up there: who do you think will

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Link Roundup

Today's links: Few politicians stand up for responsible homeowners, and the system enables the irresponsible. The city of Berkeley, CA is actively warring against the U.S. military. Illegal alien tax rebate loophole closed…kind of. Iran's Ahmadinejad resumes his destroy-Israel rhetoric…is

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Conservative Dynamics

Rush Limbaugh does an excellent job of breaking down the ‘fracture’ among conservatives. Here’s my paraphrase of his basic idea. There are three basic pieces of the conservative platform:1. Social2. Economic3. National Security Right now, most of the social conservatives

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Today’s Primary Update

Today's update contains a lot of McCain discussion.  Sorry, but that's what's in the news.  To get things started with a bang, check out this campaign ad that blows the doors off of John McCain's 'conservatism'.  The telling thing about

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The Clintons And Racism In The New Century

Selwyn Duke writes an outstanding piece regarding the Clintons' use of racism in their campaign.  It opens a window into the modus operandi of the Clintons, as well as makes an interesting prediction on their tactic.  It's worth taking a

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GOP Debate Impressions

The debate was much better last night with fewer time limits and more in-depth answers (as I suggested it might be several weeks ago).  After sleeping on it, here are my impressions: John McCainMcCain came off as a surly old

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The Streak Is Over!

Kansas State fans had come to call it The Streak, 24 years of home-court futility against Kansas. All they had to do was wait for one of the greatest players in school history to be born and come to their

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Last Debates Before Super Tuesday

With the recent slimming of the field in both parties, we could actually see some depth (we can hope, right?) in the last debates being held before Super Tuesday next week.  If you want to see the remaining candidates for

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Stimulus Package Took A Major Swerve

Now that the Senate is looking into the House's 'stimulus' package, we find a(nother) huge, gaping, glaring, ugly hole: illegal immigrants will receive these tax 'refund' checks, too. Sen. John Ensign is attempting to introduce language that would bar illegal

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Big Brother Is Coming…

Just a few recent stories of efforts to exert more and more control over people… First, the Internet.  A lot of people think that the Internet is completely without boundaries, and that no one can prevent anyone from finding anything

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