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Obama’s Unconscionable Doublespeak

Barack Obama says a great many things, most of which directly contradict other things that he has said. Here are a couple of prime examples on very consequential subjects. Doublespeak on DemCare What the GOP fails to realize is that

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Pelosi: Brainless In San Francisco

Gateway Pundit: “We continue to work with all members of the caucus and with the Administration to build on the recovery package and other initiatives to help create jobs and grow our economy after years of mismanagement by the Bush

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Economic Doublethink

This really just sums up the Democrat leadership: Seriously?? Over 10% unemployment and millions of jobs lost since they’ve been in charge, and he calls this ‘great progress’?! This is either the highest form of doublethink known to man, or

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The Beginning Of The End

It is no surprise that the Senate voted to begin debate on its own version of ObamaKennedyDeathCare, 60-39. Given that once again not a single Republican supported this abomination (and because ObamaKennedyDeathCare is so darned long), I think I’m going

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Unshocking Non-Revelation: Americans Don’t Trust Media

Gateway Pundit: What did you expect?Hat Tip Ed S.When the state-run media acts as an arm of the administration this is what you get. Fewer and fewer Americans trust the mainstream media.The Press Accuracy Rating is at an all-time low.

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Put Down The Kool-Aid…Now Pick It Up…Now Put It Down…

This has got to be confusing to all the Kool-Aid drinkers out there who fervently believe whatever Obama says at the moment he says it: MIXED-MESSAGE #1: No Government-Run Health Care Option Vs. Government-Run Health Care Option… TUESDAY: In An

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Doublethink Alert: Cap-N-TradeTax Edition

This is incredible, even for a doublethink master like Barack Obama! Saturday, in preparation for the cap-n-tax bill heading to the Senate, President Obama said this: “My call to every senator, as well as to every American, is this,” he

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Obama’s Latest Late Friday Sucker Punch

Barack Obama has a tendency to sign executive orders that do things that might stir controversy late on Friday night so people don’t really notice it. No one watches the weekend news shows, so the networks can run it once

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Update On Obama’s Illegal Firing Of IG

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Obama illegally fired an Inspector General who was investigating one of his buddies for corruption…now we find out he’s illegally fired two IGs and gagged a third: Being an inquisitive sort, Dan Riehl

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Doublethink Alert: How To Pay For Health Care

This one is pretty amazing because it all happens in the same article! This is a discussion of how Congress will pay for their government takeover of health care: The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, Democrat of

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