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We Have A Budget?? What’s A Budget?!

Wha…? Remember when a disagreement between Republicans on the budget was “cataclysmic” for GOP claims to governance? Democrats last passed a normal budget resolution six years ago, but Republicans went all of seven days before both chambers finally passed budget resolutions. Our

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And Now For The Facts

If you watched the State of the Union speech last night, you got a lot of drivel and insultingly inaccurate boilerplate.  Here are the facts from actual subject matter experts: Economy The Problem With Obama’s Shrinking Deficit Talking Point President Obama

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A Bolt of Enlightening

One might think that with the phenomenal “success” of the Chevrolet Volt gas-electric car – for the record, that’s sarcasm – we wouldn’t see another General Motors (GM) foray into the quicksand of failed eco-car ventures for quite some time.

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Patriot Post Right Hooks

Earlier this week, the Patriot Post’s daily digest hit several current hot topics brilliantly, so much so that I thought it was worth just re-posting here without further comment.  Dig in…there’s a ton of red meat here: THE FOUNDATION “[A]

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Liberal Staples Falling Flat

Liberals pretty much own helping the poor and economically disadvantaged, at least in the conventional wisdom sense.  The reality is far from the truth, however.  Let’s look at what liberal policies have done by examining two of the key planks

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Economic Chickens Come Home To Roost

Policies do matter, and consequences are inevitable.  Case in point: Consumer prices last month posted their sharpest increase in 15 months as inflation continued a recent acceleration from unusually low levels. … The rise in prices was broad-based, with food,

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Cantor And Immigration Follow Up

Just some additional thoughts on several major issues percolating at the same time. Issue 1: Eric Cantor’s defeat As expected, there’s been no shortage of analysis on the Majority Leader’s historic — as in, the first Majority Leader in American

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Illegal Flood Update, And What It Means

Things are deteriorating on our southern border. The Obama administration’s open doors (and zero enforcement) policy is being openly touted in Central American newspapers, prompting the already overwhelming flood to get even bigger.  Temporary facilities are overcrowded, overrun, and undermanned,

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Leftover Link Friday

Economy Number of Americans not in labor force is 36-year high 7 million Americans have left labor force since Obama took office Obama’s policies have caused $2 trillion growth gap (compared to Reagan’s recovery) – $5,000 per family Tireless Obama

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Obama Invokes National Self-Immolation Via EPA Regulation

He warned America back in 2008: Now, without the accountability of having to get re-elected again (and before the Republicans take even firmer control of Congress this fall), he’s done it: This morning, the Obama administration will announce new EPA

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