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California Vs. Texas

This is good stuff at Powerline, so read the whole thing: Texas, increasingly, is the economic and intellectual leader of the U.S. During the last 18 months before the current recession took hold, while the country as a whole was

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The Role Of Government In A Free Society

Jason Lewis talked on Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show a while back about the role of government in a free society. This is an outstanding description of the topic, very easy to listen to, and very understandable. It could be the

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Follow Up To Federal Vs. State Discussion

Some time ago I blogged about the different roles of federal and state government.  If you haven't read it, please do so now.  It is central to understanding what I'm about to discuss. […quietly humming the Jeopardy theme song while

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Federal Vs. State Government

Here’s the promised follow up to my earlier post about federal vs. state government. I think most people look at the difference between the levels of government as sort of like middle management and executive management. That’s how I thought

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Quotes: Federal Vs. State Government

Here are a group of quotes that I think are particularly appropriate as we get into the guts of the 2008 elections, where the role of federal government and state government is sure to be a centerpiece. I think most

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